• It may sound off the wall, but I now wish I had had a shop or woodworking class during college/high school. I collect dolls and books and wish I knew how to build bookshelves, dollhouses, etc.
  • If I could study a subject that I have never had the opportunity to study, I would choose playing violin. there are a couple of reasons why i do think so. One reason is that violin is the instrument I do really fancy. i’d like to enjoy the beautiful tone with others at school concert. another reason is that, personal satisfaction will be gained from a success after time-long practicing for violin. /when the success comes after time-long practicing for violin. what’s more, by becoming a violinist I will open the door to my own understanding and a greater enjoyment of something that touches all my life everyday. these are the reasons why i would choose playing violin.
  • Accountancy. My teacher 'advised' me not to take the subject further into high school. He thought I couldn't do it.
  • Sex...... It's an important life-skill!
  • psychology, the human mind and all its variences amaze me
  • Archaeology! Because I love knowing how people, hundreds and thousands of years ago, lived. What their lifestyle was like and how they made things! I find it all very fascinating! I would have loved to study "medicine", too, but I'm NOT good in math!

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