• no... the Yanks would never take to the Dr
  • Yeah, I imagine the heavily Americanised British relaunch would appeal to them. Just another show where they can go "Guffaw haw haw! Those wacky Brits!"
  • highly unlikely!! With us still being highly entertained by eastenders, coronation st., emmerdale etc(ofcourse we still love those:). But i bet hollyoaks could be a hit!!
  • Dr Who who?
  • What do you mean, "finally"? We watched it back in the eighties!
  • We've been ready and watched for many years
  • Watched it many years ago and enjoyed it.
  • I don't know about mainstream America, but there are MILLIONS of Dr. Who fans across this country regardless. I've been watching Dr. Who for nearly 30 years. It's a show with really COOL pseudo-scientific babble that depends not on the special effects, but the characters and the plots. And sheer enjoyment factor, as well.
  • He's been popular here for decades. I don't quite see the attraction, but he's been here in quite a few of his forms.
  • i can't explain it, but i never got into Dr. Who despite being sci-fi geek in general ... Tomorrow People was my favorite show to watch back in the early 80's
  • I've been ready since Tom Baker was the good doctor. Exterminate!
  • I liked the original Dr.Who shows,the new ones are ok but not like the classics.
  • I really didn't understand the article. I've never found a problem with Americans accepting Dr. Who. I've known many people when they have had access to it loved it and watched it every chance they got. I've been watching it since the early 70s only because I moved somewhere they showed it. I think it's more a case of TV stations and networks not wanting to carry it rather than people not ready for it.
  • I have a satellite receiver and get most of the BBC programs and have been watching Doctor Who since the 70's. My wife even knitted me what we call a "Doctor Who scarf" like the original one had. I don't expect the program appeals to the Wrestling and NASCAR crowd, but the rest of us always liked it. There is something attractive about a robot made out of an aluminum covered box.

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