• in texas they have to go to school until they are 18. i believe most states are about the same. schools can turn in a student and their parents if they do not come and the judge can take action against the parents and or the student. there are big loop holds people can use, but the schools "officially" don't have a drop out problem despite having a loss of over 30% of students who enter 9th grade and graduate. they "officially" go elsewhere.
  • Should go -Yes Will go - not always to the negative of the student
  • absolutely, otherwise , what the hell else are they doing........?
  • No. By the time I was in high school I realized how lucky I was to be there. The kids who don't want to be there just hinder the learning of others who do.
  • School is a good thing, I don't think that a person can recieve too much education, but I don't think anyone should be forced to go to school against their will beyond the accepted 12 grades.
  • Absolutely, that is the time to learn some things... trust me on this one.
  • Not if they already graduated from high school by 17 and not if they disrupt other students. Too often schools are being used as a babysitting service. It takes things away from those who want to be there and puts more pressure on teachers to be prison guards instead of teaching.
  • I think that would be great. I tryed to make that a rule when my daughter dropped out at 16. Here at the age of 16 they can drop out if they want and she knew it. Now shes trying to get her GED.
  • They should have to unless the school doesn't want them. Education has been severely devalued since it was defined as a 'right'. Parents want their kids to get good grades and they're not afraid to intimidate teachers and administrators to procure those grades. Teachers have to deal with students regardless of whether students are trying to learn or trying to disrupt the class. And administrators run scared from the possibility of lawsuits. . On the whole, not a very impressive display for a nation whose education system used to be among the best, if not the best, in the world.

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