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  • I have been, on the subway. I felt so violated anf grossed out I ran home and showered like 8 times. P.S. I am a girl.
  • In the club back in the day..women would...well girls would grab guys genitals as they walked by.. ahh... the good ole days when women actually made a move first! lol
  • I've been groped on countless occasions. First time was in Jr. High. Some High School boys cornered me and a friend in one of the classrooms just before the bell rang to end lunch one day. That turned into a full scale school investigation. Because the boys were African American, the NAACP stepped in. I've been groped by employers and co-workers from time to time. And I've been groped in nightclubs and at parties.
  • I've been groped at clubs but never by an employer geez. I would seriosly slap the s**t out of them.
  • When i was a kid, there was a certain crowded shopping street, and i would get groped there every time and by the same person, still remember him- a short man with a pock marked face. I hated shopping in that area.
  • Yes, I was working in a bar and a man grabbed my breast.My instant reaction was to slap him round the face.I told my boss.Any groping/unwanted contact you can report to someone in authority/ the police etc.I don't know the statistics,but I doubt all girls have been groped and it would be unlikley that guys didn't experience this too.
  • It happens way too often and they get away with it because they claim ..oh i didnt mean anything by it..I wasnt hurting anyone..I'm just being friendly etc. When it happens loudly say somthing like..I dont appreciate your touching everyone is aware a pervert is near by. If you are alone slap him and slap him hard..he needs to get the message you wont tolerate it and you are not afraid.
  • Only by my husband (and that is okay. Been felt up by a boyfriend or two. But other people have never come up and just tried to cop-a-feel or anything.
  • That hasnt happened and if it did it would be the last thing they grabbed
  • Yes, I was about 12 and was groped by a man on a busy street, I was too young to understand what was happening, I thought he was trying to push me aside.
  • No, I would most likely slam any person who did! Except for a woman who was interested in the first thing that pops up.. ;)
  • Been many years ago but yes can happen to men as well. I was always taught to hold a great respect for women, never hit them and never harm them verbally. I was walking past a male strip club just outside of Dallas Texas and was groped by a group of drunk women. Not a fun thing to be violated like that so can relate.
  • it does happen to guys as well, but not as regularly as it does to girls. and it is not "normal"- as in right! girls rights should be repsected, including their privacy, even yours. as for me, id like a girl to grope me, but nowhere near the privates. - yet!
  • several times when i was in football
  • As a female living in London I have been groped several times in the tube.
  • yes, lots of times..NBD. I'm a guy.
  • I'm a boy..and recently i was harrassed by the girl at my part time job...But it's over now..Thanks to fellow ABers that helped me and gave me advices
  • I wanted to start by recognizing that some of these answers probably dredged up some nasty memories and were probably hard to write. Thanks for those responses, everyone. I have been groped form time to time, but the place where I have consistently had bad experiences has been in subways in Boston, New York, London, and DC. (The Paris Metro is the only subway system where it has not happened.) I walk with crutches and I am unsteady in subways when I am standing or walking to a seat on a crowded or moving train. Men have taken advantage of this by making sure that we "accidentally" contact each other when I am off balanced. The other problem is that my hands are not very free to push someone away. I find that immediately and publicly saying something in a loud voice embarrasses men and takes care of this situation. I am normally on the subway at rush hour and most people are are regular riders. Although crowded, rush hour subway life is not quite anonymous, and shame is a helpful tool. Crutches make good weapons and I feel free to use them if needed. Faux "accidental" contacts mysteriously give rise to an "accidental" crutch-crushing of the perpetrator's foot.
  • Hard to believe it looking at me now, but I was a pretty schoolboy. Once when I was sitting on the bus in my little cap, blazer, and short pants an old woman---She might have been all of 25, but she seemed old---came and sat by me and made a grab for my crotch. I squirmed away from her but stayed where I was sitting. She didn't do it again. I didn't know what was going on. All too soon the pretty schoolboy grew up into the forbidding-looking man with a grey beard and nobody has made an uninvited sexual advance since.
  • I've had my ass goosed a couple of times by people I don't know in crowds. Mostly females, though I've been grabbed once, to my memory, by a male.
  • Some punk grabbed my boob when I was walking down the street on his bicycle. I took a rock and thew it in his spokes when he thought he was free and clear. Maybe that stopped the pig from doing it to someone else. He fell down and begged me to stop because I was getting ready to let him have it with my fist.
  • I was once, accidentally. I was in a video rental shop with my wife, and we were both looking through the shelves in different parts of the store. This girl was walking along the row, looking at the videos, and must have automatically thought I was her boyfriend. Without looking up at all she reaches out and grabs my butt, and then starts talking to me as if I'm her boyfriend. I pulled away from her, which is when she looked up, saw me and turned the brightest shade of red I've ever seen. I don't think she could even compose a 'sorry' - she just turned and ran back to her boyfriend. I laughed.
  • When I was younger it happened often when waiting to cross the road in the city, I could never work out who the freaks were but I suspect dirty old men...and once at a swimming pool and old guy kept toucking his front on my bottom while I was waiting in a line at the pool canteen...I was so niave and frightened I wasnt sure what to do at the time.
  • Oh my. As a female, I have been groped far too many times. Usually it's by people I know and am OK with groping me. But at concerts I get uber-groped by strangers, and at the school I used to go to the guys would try to grope me so much in the hallway (that was, by the by, extremely overcrowded) that two of my close guy friends essentially became body-guards and walked me to & from every class.
  • I was at a party and pretty much passing out from alcohol. I was laying down on the floor in a room alone and 2 girls came in and tried to hold me down and have their way with me.
  • Yes.It happens to alot of people,most people,actually,and it is not limited to girls or guys.Sexual abuse is prevelent in all societies.You are not alone,trust that.*+++++*
  • When I was on the swim team a girl used to grab my ass and occasionally my balls as well. i liked it as long as she didnt squeeze the jewels too hard. We ended up going down on eachother later on in the month. it was very fun. Yes it has happened more than once. I think guys just arent bothered by it.
  • I have been groped sooo many men and women and on several occassions I made the groper pay... the local bar we go to all the men in there are locals too and they groped me constantly until I took one of the gropers to the carpet! I shouted at him and asked him what right he had to do that!? Then asked him if he was such a man to grope my ass in public was he man enough to go outside and have his ass beat in public!? Everyone egged him on and he went outside...they all thought it was a joke until I punched him in the face three times and knocked out his tooth...told him the next time he even thought about groping me I would know and I would kick his ass again! Ever since that every man in the bar has kept his hands to himself! They joke about the day I hit that guy and stuff...but they never lay a hand on me! It's one of the most disrespectful things a man or woman can do to another person ... for me being a person that was's also very frightning...people just don't know enough about a person to go and do something like that. The next man or woman that grabs my ass I kinda feel sorry for, because I found my spine....
  • I've had 3 guys grab my butt. In jr. high one guy tried to pinch my butt and he ended up pinching my pad. Another guy, in high school, pinched my butt as a dollar bet. And one guy who liked me asked me to hug him so he could get two hands full of ass.
  • before i found my Husband (who is big) i used to be groped all the time,everywhere i went +5
  • Once, by my pervert of a neighbour. But she was like, 7 so she didn't know any better. I still yelled at her though.
  • I travel on the tube in London, am a guy, and have been groped several times on crowded trains. Over the summer on the circle line in a crowed carriage, a girl ground her backside into me; when I turned away, she moved and did it again, then pressed her hand against my cock. I was on the train with a (female)client and pretended nothing had happened. Some girls do this to see whether you will react to this kind of sexual contact by getting an erection. Not sure this would be taken seriously if mentioned either to other travellers or to the police. It is different for guys I think; I can't say I was upset but if had happened to a girl,I would be furious on her behalf.
  • yes i have been groped a multitude of times unfortunately. well mostly unfortunately for the person who does it. They don't have the right to have their hands on me and in no way is it gonna mean that i'll wanna sleep with them. which i make very clear when they give it a go. no one has the right to touch you when you don't want it.

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