• Money.
  • *cough* money *cough*
  • I hate welding, but I do it for the money:) Probably the same thing:)
  • There are a few possible reasons: 1. It's lucrative 2. She has to fulfill a contract 3. She isn't completely in control of her life choices, since she isn't yet an adult 4. She doesn't see anything hypocritical about it
  • She's a Disney kid. She's under contract and they ain't stupid when they write those contracts. They write them, basically owning the people, with clauses written in, in case the person blows up. She came out to do a TV show, where she was an ordinary kid who also happened to be a pop star. It's a role, and there really isn't anything hypocritical about singing not-really-your type of music when it's a character. So what happened after she got big? She guest starred on a least five other disney channel shows. She got a recurring role on another Disney Channel show "The Emperor's New School", she appeared in two movies, oh, and let's not forget that she's done two tours and is starting on a third. And they squeezed more money out of tour number two by then selling it as a digital 3-D movie. The girl is 17, she's heavily contracted to Disney and I don't know where she's getting her advice from. She became VERY famous VERY fast, and like with all their other stars, Disney will do what they can to keep a hold of her. And, if they're doing things properly, they've learned from the Hillary Duff fiasco. They won't get into battles with their stars, they'll try and guide them, because if they've figured out anything from trying to play hardball with young stars it's that if they are talented enough, they go out there and they make it on their own. They find their voice and they have a better career then they had with Disney. It's weird, because both Disney and the stars are in a tough spot. They often get older kids to play young roles and these older, and growing older kids have a young audience. Problem is, you can't play a 15 year old forever, and most of these actors don't want to. They have other offers and they want to grow acting wise. Disney doesn't want to lose them altogether, but it doesn't have that much to do with these kids once they reach a certain age, or a certain level in their career. The ones who want to do broadway, or like doing voice work--that works for both Disney and the actor. Disney has great stage productions and they can transition well. And some movies where they can take on challenging voice work. But for everyone else, Disney either has to give up the millions and millions they can make off of one kid, or they have to find a way for the kid to sorta grow up, but be reigned back and, and, and... My bet on Miley? She's under contract, and probably doesn't know what she wants. Or does, but is well reigned in. Or reigned in enough. At least she's not pretending to like something and someone she doesn't. She's honest. She needed a new song, she was presented with choices and she chose that one. I can't remember the last time a singer was that honest.
  • Money and fame....
  • It's all about the benjamins baby.
  • Because she does well at it, and as has already been discussed, Disney pretty much owns her soul. I'm glad she admitted she doesn't really like pop music. The stuff she was stuck doing was pretty generic, and it must have seemed really superficial and boring to her. Miley seems like a girl that likes her lyrics to have meaning, and she wouldn't mind being a bit of a wild thing either. But really, it's not her fault she has to perform it. Like most musicians, she's also a slave to her fans as well.

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