• Think of a worse song. Already back? Good for you! Best therapy there is!
  • Apparently singing it out loud will help!
  • absolutely. get different song stuck in your head.
  • Beat it with different song!
  • Play some different music, preferably something catchy, and you will soon have another song going through your head. +5
  • A $750 car repair bill.
  • Songs that get stuck are sometimes called earworms and there's a formula for them - catchy repetitive tune, but unusual words. Together they usually combine into something quite awful, but the two components are both solid mental anchors that make them more memorable. Your horror at being stuck with it is a third hook. An earworm is therefore probably not that great, but double or triple memorable. Easy way out - replace it with another one - start humming the 1812 Overture or anything you found catchy but not unbearable, in the past.
  • Don't ya hate it...I have a Beatles tune in mine right now. "I've just seen a face."
  • Just turn the radio on and start singing along to other songs. You'll replace that one with a different one.
  • Replacement,it's the only way I can do it,sometimes it's just one someone has suggested,like Hot for Teacher(Van Halen) Mone Mone by Billy Idol. Coccamo,By the Beach Boys..anything other than the one in there.
  • Not really. i have had a song in my head for the last two days and it will not go away. its a a great song, but enough is enough. "Nights Are Forever Without You". Go away!!!!! Another song hit me last week and its knocking at my door............. "I Go Crazy", Paul Davis. Only a silver bullet will do.
  • Major Tom. . . . .I know you know viscerally, that each day that passes will get a little "easier"; maybe not better. . . .but easier! I lost a beloved younger brother and older sister (who, herself, defined my very life) and it just about "killed" me when she died! I wasn't even sure who I was any more! We were almost like twins! When I wanted "silence". . . . .I went outside in our backyard at night. . . .sat in a chair. . . .and just looked up at the twinkling stars and "talked" to her; really BELIEVING she could hear me. I cried. I talked some MORE. And cried some MORE! That was 2yrs. ago now! I'm doing better! But the pain never "really" goes away; just a little more recessed! I hope. . . .in some small measure. . . .this helps a little!
  • Oh, that's happened to me before! It was a sign of nervousness I think. What I did was try to relax more and worked on my drawings. I played soft relaxing music and soon it was gone. Just try another activity, Major Tom and relax. I know you are in pain right now and you are trying to fix it. With pain, you have to work through it. It will take time.
  • Major Tom, it's useless to try fighting it or replacing it with another song that will end up being just as annoying. Only time will cure it. I once had a song in my head for WEEKS, and thought I was stuck with the !&@#% thing forever. It finally went away, and the good news is that now I can't even remember what the song was. If you think that is bad, try having tinnitus (ringing in the ears, which rarely goes away. Ever.)
  • Yes, start singing another song. How are you Tom? Are you in the air?
  • My Mom, rest in peace, used to say that it will go away if you sing the song all the way thru.
  • Find the song, and listen to it all the way through. It helps me, I get hung up on songs when I only know one catchy part of it.
  • 2nd Answer: Shock treatments. That electrical current will make you forget your name.

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