• haha, don't worry. It hurts the first few days cause your teeth are adjusting but really so many people do it don't worry. It's gonna be SO fine.
  • What kind? With "rail roadtracks" they give you wax to put on the parts that really rub you raw and after a couple of days you won't need it. With any kind of braces, each adjustment takes adjusting to so it's a little sore at first. Sore like a bruse or like your muscles after a hard workout. I wore railroad tracks on my teeth for almost 6 years. Like everything else in life, the unknown can be worrysome and the known becomes second nature. Good luck!!
  • Relax. They do not hurt very badly. When they are tightened, they get a bit sore. I used to use sore throat spray to reduce any mild discomfort. Do not be scared. You will end up with a nice smile after you are done. +5
  • your teeth are sore every time you get them tightened but only a few days (unless you have to wear bands but it just aches) an over the counter pain killer such as ibuprofen, Tylenol, or aspirin will help till you get used to the aching... dont worry you get used to it i had them 4yrs... just remember if the wire is poking you in the back of the mouth tell them BEFORE you leave so you can get them to cut it more and give you some wax... if your mouth hurts from being rubbed this always helped me . Puff up your cheeks with air and SLOWLY let it out through a tiny hole in your lips... that way your cheeks are barely touching your teeth by the time you let all the air out... once you open your mouth or talk you have to do it again but it REALLY helps... . if one of your brackets come loose dont worry it happens to every one and they will re attach it on your next visit.... . other than that pick your colors proudly (as you will be stuck with them for 4-6 weeks) and watch your transformation... . Be sure to brush good... its easy to stop doing that but a lot of ppl get cavities with their braces on because they stop brushing like they should... if you have a water pik it helps A LOT... especially when your mouth is sore and flossing hurts... . Good luck && feel free to ask me any more questions :-)
  • first off what they do: 1. conseltation 2. molds 3. acually geting them what they do is: a.) clean your teeth b.) put a protective coating c.) put the blue glue on d.) put the braces on e.) shine a blue light to set the glue f.) put the wire in g.) give you cool new stuff to clean ur new smile 4. thightenings every 5 weeks 6.) retainer (im not there yet so thats all i know) Next does it hurt: not to scare you but yeah it does hurt quite a bit when you get them right after and then it gets better though out the next couple of days. and then when you get them tightened i find it hurts a lot less for a shorter time. finally what can i do to prevent it from hurting: honestly not much. just have a positive atitude. talk to friends with braces dont think about the pain listen to music while they put them on dont listen to scary stories and if you trust your teacher and they had them maybe aven talk to them oh and my friend told me take lots of advil before and after that worked ok for me. well good luck, hope this helps, and i know you'll do just fine. if there's anything else at all feel free to ask.

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