• All of them.
  • Nail fungus commercials
  • The one with the irritating lollipop song.
  • them stupid dog commerciials the sound of the dog eating just gets annyoing
  • The Geico cavemen ones.
  • All of them pretty much.
  • potential side effects include...
  • There's a Michigan used car dealer who annoys the hell out of me. Why? Because of the way he pronounces the word vehicle. Vee-hickle I turn it off every time!
  • Those ridiculous Geico commercials with the money that has googly eyes and plays obnoxious music. Gah!
  • The commercials are either muted or I am so busy doing something else I do not hear them. Advertising dollars are wasted on me.
  • Singing about automobile insurance is altogether intolerable! - [but a DVR purchase last year solved all that forever!] - ;-)
  • Which ones do not? The only ones I love are the Etrade with the talking babies. They are so hilarious and cool I can't get enough of them.
  • I guess if it's the same one that they play every other break. There really aren't any that make me change the channel, I find commercials to be so irrelevant that I easily ignore them. Though now that I think of it, there is one my wife makes me change, it's about animal neglect.
  • Any infomercials. The worst are the 30-minute ones aired in the middle of the night.
  • All of them except the E*trade baby commercials.
  • Well, I haven't seen it for a couple Christmas seasons now, but every year, for a while, there used to be one of those "feed the poor people of (fill in the blank)" commercials that would annoy the cr*p outta me. I'm talking about the one that showed pictures of a bunch of starving little kids while they played John Lennon's Guilt Trip Song (Happy Christmas/War is Over). The song starts out: So this is Christmas And what have you done Another year over And a new one just begun And so this is Christmas I hope you have fun The near and the dear one The old and the young It's so f*cking obviously a guilt trip commercial that it churns my stomach and makes me want to puke. Here they are, showing people in miserable living conditions, literally starving to death and living in mud and they have the GALL to ask ME "So this is Christmas, and what have you done?" And then say "I hope you have fun!" I mean, what kind of CR*P is that? Here's a clue: I'm NOT an unsympathetic b*stard. I'm NOT a heartless jerk. But if you TREAT me like one, then you are NOT gonna be pleased with my response, I don't care HOW noble your cause may be. In fact, you are very likely NOT to get a single dime from me through any guilt trip ploy. I had my guilt trip circuits burned out a couple decades ago by my first wife. The Chief does NOT do guilt trips. If you want something from me, then approach me like a decent human being and simply state your cause and plea. I may or may not contribute, but I'll certainly be impressed with your actions and more receptive as a result. Like pretty much any Daddy, my little girls have me wrapped around their little fingers. But just the same, guilt trips don't work for them either.
  • We MUTE we don't switch! :)
  • I REALLY get sick of those "make that certain part of your body longer" commercials! All of 'em!
  • It's not on anymore thank GOD, but that "they're gonna taste great" Frosties one from a few years ago. Oh, and the scary eyebrow Cadbury's one, but that's not on anymore either fortunately!
  • Free credit report . I want to go in ther eand beat down the whole retarded ass band who sing that shit.
  • all of these damn optimum commercials, except the latin ones! lol
  • Kidz bop commericals all their doing is ruining great songs i hate themm soo much
  • The ASPCA commercials or any w/ sad animals. I'd adopt every one if I could so the commercials tick me off. While I have room in my heart for a million dogs, I don't have room in my home for even one more, kwim? So I feel like their trying to make me feel awful for something I can't control. That and anything involving the Fresh Beat Band on Nickleodeon or Disney - don't know which.
  • Every single one of them.
  • The ones where the actors seem to be genuinely shocked that the dog food they purchase contains anything less than 100% meat!

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