• You can either write the whole essay in the third person, or use phrases that avoid the word "I" replacing it with: Personally The writer The author Myself Yours truly
  • Write the essay as the Third Person or onlooker to the story.
  • Depends on the nature of the essay. Two ways are to present opinions as facts or the thoughts of many-it's an essay, everyone knows it's your opinion. Example-Instead of "I think the world is flat." Say, "The world be flat". "In our flat world". "Among those who think the world is flat"
  • Try writing about your multiple personality disorder and use 'we' instead.
  • Its assumed that the ideas in the paper are those of the author so its redundant to say "I think" or "I" anything. If you're writing a first person narrative, however, there is no way to avoid saying "I"
  • I don't know off the top of my head but I'll think about it then I'll get back with you.

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