• He is for me!!! How about you?
  • Jesus exists in the spiritual realm. The Bible often refers to the "living" God, so I guess you can say He is living, although not here on earth in the form of a human. Is he living in your heart? He is in mine!
  • Magic is afoot. God rules. Alive is afoot. Alive is in command. Many weak men hungered Many strong men thrived Though they boasted solitude God was at their side Nor the dreamer in his cell nor the captain on the hill Magic is alive Though his death was pardoned round and round the world the heart did not believe.
  • yup ... and looking pretty good for a dude who's 2000+ years old
  • Nope. Not a chance. +5
  • No. He was executed by the Romans in aprox. 25 CE. +5
  • Yes he is a spiritual live god.
  • Yes, the Bible says that after His ascention from earth, he now sits at the right hand of God the Father.
  • Why does it matter if he is alive or not? Jesus is available to you twenty four hours a day but do you take advantage of that? I doubt you do. Asking silly questions like that.
  • Depends. Jesus Christ was never alive and was just a story that was created through adapting old religions to new information. . There are plenty of "Jesus'" alive though. Jesus Flores, a catcher in the MLB, is most definitely still alive. +3
  • Not in person.
  • ABSOLUTELY, HE LIVES!! he now exists in the form in which he first existed, as a spirit being, and Son of the Most High God Jehovah. he is second in power only to his Father! he has been endowed with authority over God's Messianic kingdom, and was enthroned in the heavens to rule over earth and mankind. (philippians 2:9-11;matthew 28:18)
  • Yes, "There are many people by the name of Jesus that are alive today"... A Jesus Abeyta Jesus Abrego Jesus Abreu Jesus Acevedo Jesus Acosta Jesus Acuña Jesus Adame Jesus Adorno Jesus Agosto Jesus Aguayo Jesus Águilar Jesus Aguilera Jesus Aguirre Jesus Alanis Jesus Alaniz Jesus Alarcón Jesus Alba Jesus Alcala Jesus Alcántar Jesus Alcaraz Jesus Alejandro Jesus Alemán Jesus Alfaro Jesus Alicea Jesus Almanza Jesus Almaraz Jesus Almonte Jesus Alonso Jesus Alonzo Jesus Altamirano Jesus Alva Jesus Alvarado Jesus Álvarez Jesus Amador Jesus Amaya Jesus Anaya Jesus Anguiano Jesus Angulo Jesus Aparicio Jesus Apodaca Jesus Aponte Jesus Aragón Jesus Araña Jesus Aranda Jesus Arce Jesus Archuleta Jesus Arellano Jesus Arenas Jesus Arevalo Jesus Arguello Jesus Arias Jesus Armas Jesus Armendáriz Jesus Armenta Jesus Armijo Jesus Arredondo Jesus Arreola Jesus Arriaga Jesus Arroyo Jesus Arteaga Jesus Atencio Jesus Ávalos Jesus Ávila Jesus Avilés Jesus Ayala B Jesus Baca Jesus Badillo Jesus Báez Jesus Baeza Jesus Bahena Jesus Balderas Jesus Ballesteros Jesus Banda Jesus Bañuelos Jesus Barajas Jesus Barela Jesus Barragán Jesus Barraza Jesus Barrera Jesus Barreto Jesus Barrientos Jesus Barrios Jesus Batista Jesus Becerra Jesus Beltrán Jesus Benavides Jesus Benavídez Jesus Benítez Jesus Bermúdez Jesus Bernal Jesus Berríos Jesus Bétancourt Jesus Blanco Jesus Bonilla Jesus Borrego Jesus Botello Jesus Bravo Jesus Briones Jesus Briseño Jesus Brito Jesus Bueno Jesus Burgos Jesus Bustamante Jesus Bustos C Jesus Caballero Jesus Cabán Jesus Cabrera Jesus Cadena Jesus Caldera Jesus Calderón Jesus Calvillo Jesus Camacho Jesus Camarillo Jesus Campos Jesus Canales Jesus Candelaria Jesus Cano Jesus Cantú Jesus Caraballo Jesus Carbajal Jesus Cardenas Jesus Cardona Jesus Carmona Jesus Carranza Jesus Carrasco Jesus Carrasquillo Jesus Carreón Jesus Carrera Jesus Carrero Jesus Carrillo Jesus Carrion Jesus Carvajal Jesus Casanova Jesus Casares Jesus Casárez Jesus Casas Jesus Casillas Jesus Castañeda Jesus Castellanos Jesus Castillo Jesus Castro Jesus Cavazos Jesus Cazares Jesus Ceballos Jesus Cedillo Jesus Ceja Jesus Centeno Jesus Cepeda Jesus Cerda Jesus Cervantes Jesus Cervántez Jesus Chacón Jesus Chapa Jesus Chavarría Jesus Chávez Jesus Cintrón Jesus Cisneros Jesus Collado Jesus Collazo Jesus Colón Jesus Colunga Jesus Concepción Jesus Contreras Jesus Cordero Jesus Córdova Jesus Cornejo Jesus Corona Jesus Coronado Jesus Corral Jesus Corrales Jesus Correa Jesus Cortés Jesus Cortez Jesus Cotto Jesus Covarrubias Jesus Crespo Jesus Cruz Jesus Cuellar Jesus Curiel D Jesus Dávila Jesus de Anda Jesus de Jesús Jesus Delacrúz Jesus Delafuente Jesus Delagarza Jesus Delao Jesus Delapaz Jesus Delarosa Jesus Delatorre Jesus Deleón Jesus Delgadillo Jesus Delgado Jesus Delrío Jesus Delvalle Jesus Díaz Jesus Domínguez Jesus Domínquez Jesus Duarte Jesus Dueñas Jesus Duran E Jesus Echevarría Jesus Elizondo Jesus Enríquez Jesus Escalante Jesus Escamilla Jesus Escobar Jesus Escobedo Jesus Esparza Jesus Espinal Jesus Espino Jesus Espinosa Jesus Espinoza Jesus Esquibel Jesus Esquivel Jesus Estévez Jesus Estrada F Jesus Fajardo Jesus Farías Jesus Feliciano Jesus Fernández Jesus Ferrer Jesus Fierro Jesus Figueroa Jesus Flores Jesus Flórez Jesus Fonseca Jesus Franco Jesus Frías Jesus Fuentes G Jesus Gaitán Jesus Galarza Jesus Galindo Jesus Gallardo Jesus Gallegos Jesus Galván Jesus Gálvez Jesus Gamboa Jesus Gamez Jesus Gaona Jesus Garay Jesus García Jesus Garibay Jesus Garica Jesus Garrido Jesus Garza Jesus Gastélum Jesus Gaytán Jesus Gil Jesus Girón Jesus Godínez Jesus Godoy Jesus Gómez Jesus Gonzales Jesus González Jesus Gracia Jesus Granado Jesus Granados Jesus Griego Jesus Grijalva Jesus Guajardo Jesus Guardado Jesus Guerra Jesus Guerrero Jesus Guevara Jesus Guillen Jesus Gurule Jesus Gutiérrez Jesus Guzmán H Jesus Haro Jesus Henríquez Jesus Heredia Jesus Hernádez Jesus Hernandes Jesus Hernández Jesus Herrera Jesus Hidalgo Jesus Hinojosa Jesus Holguín Jesus Huerta Jesus Hurtado I Jesus Ibarra Jesus Iglesias Jesus Irizarry J Jesus Jaime Jesus Jaimes Jesus Jáquez Jesus Jaramillo Jesus Jasso Jesus Jiménez Jesus Jimínez Jesus Juárez Jesus Jurado L Jesus Lara Jesus Laureano Jesus Leal Jesus Lebrón Jesus Ledesma Jesus Leiva Jesus Lemus Jesus León Jesus Lerma Jesus Leyva Jesus Limón Jesus Linares Jesus Lira Jesus Llamas Jesus Loera Jesus Lomeli Jesus Longoria Jesus López Jesus Lovato Jesus Loya Jesus Lozada Jesus Lozano Jesus Lucero Jesus Lucio Jesus Luevano Jesus Lugo Jesus Luján Jesus Luna M Jesus Macías Jesus Madera Jesus Madrid Jesus Madrigal Jesus Maestas Jesus Magaña Jesus Malave Jesus Maldonado Jesus Manzanares Jesus Mares Jesus Marín Jesus Márquez Jesus Marrero Jesus Marroquín Jesus Martínez Jesus Mascareñas Jesus Mata Jesus Mateo Jesus Matías Jesus Matos Jesus Maya Jesus Mayorga Jesus Medina Jesus Medrano Jesus Mejía Jesus Meléndez Jesus Melgar Jesus Mena Jesus Méndez Jesus Mendoza Jesus Menéndez Jesus Meraz Jesus Mercado Jesus Merino Jesus Mesa Jesus Meza Jesus Miramontes Jesus Miranda Jesus Mireles Jesus Mojica Jesus Molina Jesus Mondragón Jesus Monroy Jesus Montalvo Jesus Montañez Jesus Montaño Jesus Montemayor Jesus Montenegro Jesus Montero Jesus Montes Jesus Montez Jesus Montoya Jesus Mora Jesus Morales Jesus Moreno Jesus Munguía Jesus Muñiz Jesus Muñoz Jesus Murillo Jesus Muro N Jesus Nájera Jesus Naranjo Jesus Narváez Jesus Nava Jesus Navarrete Jesus Navarro Jesus Nazario Jesus Negrete Jesus Negrón Jesus Nevárez Jesus Nieto Jesus Nieves Jesus Niño Jesus Noriega Jesus Núñez O Jesus Ocampo Jesus Ocasio Jesus Ochoa Jesus Ojeda Jesus Olivares Jesus Olivárez Jesus Olivas Jesus Olivera Jesus Olivo Jesus Olmos Jesus Olvera Jesus Ontiveros Jesus Oquendo Jesus Ordóñez Jesus Orellana Jesus Ornelas Jesus Orosco Jesus Orozco Jesus Orta Jesus Ortega Jesus Ortiz Jesus Osorio Jesus Otero Jesus Ozuna P Jesus Pabón Jesus Pacheco Jesus Padilla Jesus Padrón Jesus Páez Jesus Pagan Jesus Palacios Jesus Palomino Jesus Palomo Jesus Pantoja Jesus Paredes Jesus Parra Jesus Partida Jesus Patiño Jesus Paz Jesus Pedraza Jesus Pedroza Jesus Pelayo Jesus Peña Jesus Perales Jesus Peralta Jesus Perea Jesus Peres Jesus Pérez Jesus Pichardo Jesus Piña Jesus Pineda Jesus Pizarro Jesus Polanco Jesus Ponce Jesus Porras Jesus Portillo Jesus Posada Jesus Prado Jesus Preciado Jesus Prieto Jesus Puente Jesus Pulido Q Jesus Quesada Jesus Quezada Jesus Quiñones Jesus Quiñónez Jesus Quintana Jesus Quintanilla Jesus Quintero Jesus Quiroz R Jesus Rael Jesus Ramírez Jesus Ramón Jesus Ramos Jesus Rangel Jesus Rascón Jesus Raya Jesus Razo Jesus Regalado Jesus Rendón Jesus Rentería Jesus Reséndez Jesus Reyes Jesus Reyna Jesus Reynoso Jesus Rico Jesus Rincón Jesus Riojas Jesus Ríos Jesus Rivas Jesus Rivera Jesus Rivero Jesus Robledo Jesus Robles Jesus Rocha Jesus Rodarte Jesus Rodrígez Jesus Rodríguez Jesus Rodríquez Jesus Rojas Jesus Rojo Jesus Roldán Jesus Rolón Jesus Romero Jesus Romo Jesus Roque Jesus Rosado Jesus Rosales Jesus Rosario Jesus Rosas Jesus Roybal Jesus Rubio Jesus Ruelas Jesus Ruiz S Jesus Saavedra Jesus Sáenz Jesus Saiz Jesus Salas Jesus Salazar Jesus Salcedo Jesus Salcido Jesus Saldaña Jesus Saldivar Jesus Salgado Jesus Salinas Jesus Samaniego Jesus Sanabria Jesus Sanches Jesus Sánchez Jesus Sandoval Jesus Santacruz Jesus Santana Jesus Santiago Jesus Santillán Jesus Sarabia Jesus Sauceda Jesus Saucedo Jesus Sedillo Jesus Segovia Jesus Segura Jesus Sepúlveda Jesus Serna Jesus Serrano Jesus Serrato Jesus Sevilla Jesus Sierra Jesus Sisneros Jesus Solano Jesus Solís Jesus Soliz Jesus Solorio Jesus Solorzano Jesus Soria Jesus Sosa Jesus Sotelo Jesus Soto Jesus Suárez T Jesus Tafoya Jesus Tamayo Jesus Tamez Jesus Tapia Jesus Tejada Jesus Tejeda Jesus Téllez Jesus Tello Jesus Terán Jesus Terrazas Jesus Tijerina Jesus Tirado Jesus Toledo Jesus Toro Jesus Torres Jesus Tórrez Jesus Tovar Jesus Trejo Jesus Treviño Jesus Trujillo U Jesus Ulibarri Jesus Ulloa Jesus Urbina Jesus Ureña Jesus Urías Jesus Uribe Jesus Urrutia V Jesus Vaca Jesus Valadez Jesus Valdés Jesus Valdez Jesus Valdivia Jesus Valencia Jesus Valentín Jesus Valenzuela Jesus Valladares Jesus Valle Jesus Vallejo Jesus Valles Jesus Valverde Jesus Vanegas Jesus Varela Jesus Vargas Jesus Vásquez Jesus Vázquez Jesus Vega Jesus Vela Jesus Velasco Jesus Velásquez Jesus Velázquez Jesus Vélez Jesus Véliz Jesus Venegas Jesus Vera Jesus Verdugo Jesus Verduzco Jesus Vergara Jesus Viera Jesus Vigil Jesus Villa Jesus Villagómez Jesus Villalobos Jesus Villalpando Jesus Villanueva Jesus Villareal Jesus Villarreal Jesus Villaseñor Jesus Villegas Y Jesus Yáñez Jesus Ybarra Z Jesus Zambrano Jesus Zamora Jesus Zamudio Jesus Zapata Jesus Zaragoza Jesus Zarate Jesus Zavala Jesus Zayas Jesus Zelaya Jesus Zepeda Jesus Zúñiga ============================ If you are referring to يسوع Jesus Christ, then yes; "He is alive in Spirit to only those who have a humble heart." John 14:17 The world cannot accept Him because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you know Him, for He lives with you and will be in you. Sometimes people's Faith are put through tests. Those tests make us stronger and prepare us for the battles that we have to fight. There are all kinds of battles, and everyone has a unique role in God's plan - one that no one else can play. I am sure that you will do what you are meant to do, and The Holy Bible explains it well in our difficulties that we recieve in life as Jo 16:33 explains... John 16:33 I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have troubles. But take heart! I have overcome the world. Have Faith. No matter what lies ahead. Hold onto your Faith. Jesus Christ is alive to those who have accepted Him into their hearts, by bringing Him back to life in Spirit because Jesus does not physically live among us right now, that's why He sent His Holy Spirit to live in us. Jesus explained to His disciples that it is actually to our benefit that He is not physically here as explained in The Holy Bible... 1 Corinthians 5:3 Even though I am not physically present, I am with you in Spirit, and I have already passed judgment on the one who did this, just as if I were present. ============================
  • yes, the noble Quran says that, and will return with His daughter"s husband Almehdi (pbuh), the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) saied that
  • yup and his chevy truck is parked in my spot
  • Yes he is and still Reigning forevemore. He was, is and , always will be!
  • If you are taking about Jesus (the human nature) who came to earth to save us and sacrifice him self because he loves us NO.. But the Jesus,, how went up to heaven ,, YES he is alive in everyone one of us ,,, people who seek peace, love one another and forgive who hurt us... YES he is alive... And of course everybody has their views and opinion..
  • I have my doubts that he was ever alive and he certainly isn't alive now. This is about the time my trolls show up. Be prepared for DR's but I gave you my +5 points.
  • Ooops. Please flag for removal.
  • Scripture says yes and I believe it so in light of that, my answer is yes indeed, He is alive and sitting at the right hand of the Father in heaven.

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