• They are manipulative and want to invade your mind so that they may pry out all of your worst fears next time you piss them off. Or they are just curious. I haven't figured out yet.
  • well i want to kno..i dont kno..i always tell my man what m thinking bout n i xpect the same. I'd rather him tell me then just dwell on things, with me in the couch n his mind swimming somewhere else.
  • They already know, but are checking to see if you will tell them the truth....dont lie ,it aint worth it.
  • Because we want to know that the men are thinking what we want them to think (invariably, good things about us)!
  • Some women like to know what type of way of thinking it takes to be that man they have (you basically). Sometimes some of them can do it for bad reasons like using it against you, sometimes some of them are just curious. Most men are anayltical thinkers while most women are more of the pat on the back listeners.
  • They haven't figured out what makes them tick.
  • What makes you ask?
  • Because they never shut up.
  • because its a known fact that the males always try to figure things out on their own so sometimes the female has to ask every once n' while to see if they need helf figuring something out. and it works.
  • I told one once that I was thinking about how I wanted to plant my potatoes. :-)
  • To make sure there is still some brain function in there.
  • Curiosity........ for the most part.
  • They only ask that in the middle of a date or 'us' time, and its because some men insist on going off into silent thought with weird looks on their faces, and are basically excluding her and being rude. Do all your 'mulling over' when you don't have company, guys, and thank your lucky stars that your girl asks something sweet instead of what she's really thinking, which goes along the lines of: "What, am I, chopped liver?" "I could be washing my hair instead of staring at him ignoring me" "I've had more fun kneeling in front of the washing machine" "I'm wearing my best tights and tight shoes for this??" Or mostly (really) "Whatever you're thinking it had better be good, and real, and important, and you had better be glad I asked and glad to share it with me, because I have graced you with my company which you are rudely ignoring to concentrate on this 'amazing' thought, and if I ask what you're thinking and watch your face drop because you can't tell me or weren't actually thinking anything at all, then you are dead meat, Sonny-Jim, just as soon as this date is over". Yup, thats why.
  • You said nothing that offends them so now they must explore your thoughts.
  • Because they actually care about what interests you. Women want to know you are thinking about them. They want to know what you are thinking because they want to feel closer to you and many women do this through mental stimulation. They want to know what makes you happy so that they can make you happy. They want to know what makes you unhappy or if you are unhappy so they can help you. Women are constantly analyzing well most everything. They have a need to understand and then nurture. A lot of times if you do not tell a women what you are thinking, they assume you are thinking the worst.
  • Why men insist on asking the same? Guys asking this question as well so maybe the reason is the same...
  • Soma kinda crazy optimism that some thinking might actually be going on in there maybe. . Just kidding; love men!

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