• A whole lot of unknowns
  • Magical.
  • i literally have no idea how one can answer such a question. . it's like askin what life would be like if addition didn't exist. . such a world is indescribable, as science is ultimately a tool do describe the universe.
  • Pretty grim. Enjoy "science":
  • We'd be dead from the plague or something
  • Like cave men. +5 Lynn
  • It's tempting to say: Look at mediaeval europe for a good example. The "Dark Ages" lost a lot of old knowledge. Even then, though, before science as we know it today, there was still investigation and philosophy. We'd have to stop the Greek philosophers, or hte Egyptian academics... No, I don't think it would be possible. Humans have always strived to understand the world. Testing, experimentation, failing and successful adaptation have occurred for so long that we really wouldn't recognise a society that had never done so. Would we even be human? Would we have reached the stone age? What would we have discovered by accident, and would those ideas have spread without the ability to evaluate them and communicate them? This, at its core, is what science is about: Observing, experimenting, testing, communicating. It's one of the core things that makes us who we are.
  • we would still live in mid evil times.
  • Like Aminals to me I'll die
  • We might be SOMEWHAT more advanced than Amish society. But of course, that's no way for a modern society to function. Who wants to ride a horse to the one bank in town, which may or may not have the barter-goods to carry out your transaction; then go home to your little hut and pray that the H1N1 "plague" doesn't kill your immune-comprimised children; and then just...milk cows or read poetry for the rest of the day? Just about everything we do these days, besides sleeping, is thanks to scientific development.
  • You'd be sticking your hand into a fire and wondering why it hurts.
  • We would still be dying by forty without Science. We would believe the Earth was flat. I think I would prefer death. We would be living in a society even more delusional than our present one. Science is the key to a better future for the Human Race.
  • At the most we'd be living exposed to the elements caves without fire.
  • WIthout science, the world would be a LOT less convenient. +5
  • well, the human population would be much lower! (no vaccines) and for the people that would still exist, life would be, well hard compared to what we know it as now.
  • Do the crusades ring a bell.......?

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