• Nope. +5
  • Well, it wouldn't be possible to abort me personally. You don't abort people, you abort a pregnancy. By the time I was me, the pregnancy was complete, you see. If you mean, do I wish my mother had aborted the pregnancy that produced me - well, you could ask any number of questions about events that lead to the present day. Like, are you glad that your mother and father had sex on that particular day that produced the pregnancy that made you? Because if she had a headache that night, then poof - no me. If she had gotten pregnant a few days before, then also no me. There might be an evil Hitler child instead who made the world a worse place. There are any number of possibilities. But I'm here, and there's no going back, and such questions are silly.
  • No, I'm glad my mom cared enough not to kill me.
  • In my teenage years (oh god, so dramatic) I would have said "yes", but of course I don't wish I had been aborted. I'm not afraid of death, yet, but I like living. It's fun.
  • Nope... I did, when I was a teenager though.
  • Thank goodness, no!
  • You mean do I wish someone would have sucked me out of the womb piece by piece or stab me in the back of the neck with a pair of scissors? No, and if they had tried it they would have seen a baby kick somebody's ass for trying.
  • No, but I wish some others would have been.
  • No I certainly do not.
  • As i was often told by a certain someone, " your biggest mistake was being born"! so although it has never been my wish, it WAS certainly someone elses! My gain their loss....... so to speak. +
  • What a silly question. Since I am a fully autonomous human being I can not be aborted. If I had been aborted as a fetus I would not be here now. What in effect you are asking is, are you suicidal? Since I am sure those are the only people going to say they wish they were dead.
  • That would have messed up my whole day. Definitely not.
  • No. I'm pretty happy to be alive!
  • to be honest ive felt that way, i dont feel like i have the same quality of life others do

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