• this question.
    • Moongrim
      I answered just fine. Try again.
  • Can you prove there isn't a God?What happens at life's end?How was the first energy made?
    • Moongrim
      Yes I can prove there isn't a God. We Rot. It popped into existence.
  • "the really tough question is this: If atheists are right and theists are wrong, then why are there so many of them [theists] and so few of us [atheists]?" Source and further information: (the quoted text give some elements of answer)
  • For them to explain how emotions developed if they originally CAME OUT OF THE MUD...AS PROTOPLANKTON...????? Here time is of no importance... Only the Bible properly answers the question...the start of love hate and compassion.
    • Moongrim
      Yes even protoplankton have emotions. Not a wide range of emotions but none the less. So which passage in the Bible tells one what kind of emotions protoplankton experience?
  • Any question would be hard for an atheist to answer. The Bible has plenty to say about atheists; here's some; Psalm 92:6 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) 6 Stupid people don
    • Moongrim
      Your answer is ridiculous. Job 8:2
  • Doesn't matter. No matter what truth you offer they will make up double talk that sounds intelligent but really says nothing.
    • Moongrim
      Are you sure that doesn't apply to Theists?
  • Didn't intend to answer this twice. Mouse slip.
  • 3-21-2017 It doesn't matter because an unbeliever can always win the conversation by saying something so stupid that you can't compose any response at all. They don't care about right or wrong, they only want to win the conversation.
    • Moongrim
      See to the beam in thine own eye.
  • The question culminates at the bottom of my answer. Flight engineers look with envy upon the nocturnal owl. Why? Because of its silent flight. “No other birds fly with such stealth,” says the National Geographic Web site. What is the owl’s secret? Consider: The air that rushes over the feathers of most birds creates a turbulence that can be quite noisy. With the owl, on the other hand, it is different. Its trailing feathers have fringes that break up the sound waves that are generated as air flows over the top of the wing at the downstroke. The downy feathers found elsewhere on the owl’s body help absorb the remaining sound. Aircraft designers would like to tap into the secret of the owl’s virtually silent flight. Quieter planes would mean that airports with stringent noise limits could allow flights to take off and land at later hours of the night—and earlier hours of the morning. Some improvements are already being planned. “We are just now coming along,” says Geoffrey Lilley, professor emeritus of aeronautics at England’s University of Southampton. He adds that it could be decades before such a quiet plane could be designed. What do you think? Was the owl’s noise-reducing trailing feather a product of chance as atheist believe? Or was it designed by a creator?
    • Moongrim
      Non quiet owls starved to death- ergo, Natural Selection. Next question.
      Moongrim, Human activities are said to be pushing the earth beyond its natural cycles. In fact, some scientists say we have entered a new geological epoch called the Anthropocene?an age in which humans are making an increasingly notable impact on the planet and animals. It impacts all animals, even non quiet owls. Whether they starve to death or are taken care of it has nothing to do with the fact they were originally designed by a creator. It is not ergo, (hence), not natural selection.
  • One he or she didn't study for.
  • Being asked if I still beat my wife.
  • "Where were you last night and whose panties are these...?"
  • Where humanity first originated...basically, Adam and Eve... But this is the Bibles' an atheist could not accept this... It leaves them with NO answer.

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