• this question.
  • Can you prove there isn't a God?What happens at life's end?How was the first energy made?
  • "the really tough question is this: If atheists are right and theists are wrong, then why are there so many of them [theists] and so few of us [atheists]?" Source and further information: (the quoted text give some elements of answer)
  • For them to explain how emotions developed if they originally CAME OUT OF THE MUD...AS PROTOPLANKTON...????? Here time is of no importance... Only the Bible properly answers the question...the start of love hate and compassion.
  • Any question would be hard for an atheist to answer. The Bible has plenty to say about atheists; here's some; Psalm 92:6 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) 6 Stupid people don
  • Doesn't matter. No matter what truth you offer they will make up double talk that sounds intelligent but really says nothing.
  • Didn't intend to answer this twice. Mouse slip.
  • 3-21-2017 It doesn't matter because an unbeliever can always win the conversation by saying something so stupid that you can't compose any response at all. They don't care about right or wrong, they only want to win the conversation.

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