• yes online
  • Costco Wholesale has been doing it for years. Universal Casket Company products.
  • Prices so good right now with that flashin' blue light special in the new Macabre department, folks be linin' up to be euthanized (an extra-cost accessory/option). ;-)
  • Why not? Be good not for the grievers in the moment, but would work for those who prepare. Most of us will lay in one someday.
  • So I've heard: Honestly I want to be thrown into a river when I die. It's a huge waste of money to spend on someone who can't even appreciate it (or even be aware of it.)
  • Yes I heard that. Money,Money,Money ! Wonder if people will buy more than one. :-)
  • Yeah, why not. You'll still have to buy a vault from the cemetery, and a burial lot, and pay for opening and closing the grave and you're really not going to like their charges for all that at about $7,000, and most states require the body to be embalmed, so if you're not a mortician you might not want try doing that yourself, but good luck anyway... ;~)
  • yes they are selling caskets and erns online , and undercutting the funneral homes . they are also thinking of turning their parking lot lightposts into wind generaters .. a wind farm to power the box mall . ---whats next appartments inside , so we never have to leave . ?
  • Yes, Walmart will be, thankfully, bringing down the cost and expense of caskets. One of the good things Walmart and other evil corporations do. Competition is the purest form of capitalism. And the consumer benefits.
  • I would be surprised if they didn't sell them. There is big money to be made in death. +4
  • What next? = Competition from Target? - Price war goin' on *right now*! C'Mon down to J.C.Penny's brand-new mortician's mecca with a one-stop shop-'till-you-drop (literally) sale happenin' this week, featuring our new 'family six-pack' of coffins. Are you an unemployed, depressed & now acutely outraged father with enormous responsibilities making Sisyphus' gig look easy? Wife making suggestive comments involving the phrases "more space" and "community property"? Kids all part of a satanic cult or doin' a dime in "C" block? But you just can't afford six caskets right now. Let's face it: It's time to 'make a statement'. What about a very newsworthy family homocide/suicide to show the whole world just how @#$%'d-up your life has become? Well, before you stockpile ammunition, before you tell off the boss, before you even finally hit on your sister-in-law, C'Mon down....! - ;-)
  • LMAO!!!! Maybe for some of the people that go in there!!
  • I wonder if Walmart can crush this competition...

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