• I'd treat them nice, unless my atheist leader found some obscure passage in atheist scripture that said I must do otherwise.
  • Live and let live.
  • You simply were the majority? You need to be kidding me!
  • Better, I hope, than many of us treat them now.
  • The same as now, every single atheist would treat everyone as He wants. Cause there's no major conspiration of atheists as far as I know. There are no church meetings discussing faith (or lack thereof) and such. . I'm an atheist and as long as the person doesn't start a conversation on religion I won't be interested in knowing what does that person believe in, unless I want that person to become my lifetime partner. And if such a conversation starts and it goes wrong, I will stop it. If the person is persistent, I will leave. . And unless the rules (whether religious or not) of such a person interfere with my life, I won't care.
  • Tolerantly and respectfully, of course.
  • Same as I do now - each person on their merits and perfectly happy to have them believe as they please - but tell them where to get off if they begin trying to judge or dictate my behaviour based on the standards of their particular god or gods...
  • As long as their beliefs didn't lead them to illegal, extreme or publicly annoying practices, I wouldn't treat them any differently than anyone else. Of course that would mean taxing their churches the same as any other non-profit organisation. +5
  • We are the majority....just look around you and see how we treat them.
  • I'd treat them the way they treated me. Just like now.
  • wait and see .
  • I would treat all people the same, acknowledging and protecting their right to determine their own values and beliefs.
  • I will treat people the same way they treat me. Obviously when religious people start bombing places we have to step in, but if they just mind their own business then I have no problem with it. Did you know that Sweden has 85% atheists and there is still have freedom of religion?
  • To each their own, as long as they don't keep trying to convert me I'm happy.
  • With the same ridicule that I do now..... But at least I will not feel the urge to stone them or condemn them to burn in hell for eternity....thats more the christian ideal.
  • I guess I would treat them like I treat someone whom I don't know what their belief is (like another fellow human being). Of course if they were trying to convert me I may lay into them, but I do that now, so probably no different then I do now :) hope I made sense.
  • I would treat them the same as I treat them now. They are free to do and believe anything they want, so long as they don't try to force it on me, teach it to my children, or legislate it.
  • I would respect their religous freedooms...I would let go of some of my grudges against orgainized religion
  • We are
  • The same way I do now. Their faith has nothing to do with me.
  • I would treat all theists the same. As I would wish to be treated.With tolerance and a non-judgemental attitude. Peoples religious beliefs or lack of them should be immaterial as long as they conduct themselves in a way that does not impinge upon the rights of others.
  • With tolerance

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