• because thats where they live thats where they grew up they cant just pick up and leave
  • Well I suppose they vary in regularity, as the hurricane seasons vary due to climate change, so one may hit unexpectedly for the season.
  • Well, I used to live in Miami,FL and when Hurricane Andrew came, I was scared as hell...but luckily it just knipped where I lived. Usually what has happened in the past is that most of the Hurricanes that came in my area, would start off heading towards miami, and then diverge. The Fear really comes in when you know it will DEFINITELY hit and after Rita and Katrina, the Fear just grew!
  • It sounds like the people in Kalapana Hawaii too. They continue to build homes in Kalapana, and every three years Pele, the volcano goddess, wipes out everything in Kalapana with lava.
  • it's the infrequency, that it only happens about every 50 years (give or take) that all seems well for the moment
  • historically speaking many hurricanes don't hit land and most of the ones that do are weak and are pretty much just a bad storm. weather is just one concern is choosing a place to live. if someone grew up there and has no real way to leave, they will live there. if someone has a job dealing with oil or oceanography, they will live there. as we've seen recently, its not the hurricane that always does the most damage, sometimes its the government that does the real damage after a hurricane is over. the government knew for many years before katrina that the levees in new orleans were not sufficient to handle a category 3, 4 or 5 but they chose not to do anything to improve them. (btw, the pumps on the levees that were installed after the flood and the repairs to the levees are also not sufficient but the government once again feels that they are "good enough.")
  • Katrina was not the usual hurricane. It's not like they are unaware of hurricanes and don't take precautions. The levy system is a precaution and it broke because of the severity of Katrina. It also took the govt FIVE days to do anything, which is unheard of. During those five days people went without needed medical supplies and attention. Many died--black and white people. So, no, DUH does not apply here.
  • Its not that we're surprised when we are hit its more like we're surprised at the amount of damage. No matter how many hurricanes a person experiences you just never get used to the damage they can cause.

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