• Depends on how much the troll bothers me.
  • I wouldn't even notice I was "trolled" so I would probably just go about things as usual. I've noticed Mensan hasn't been around for a few days. Another user is here gone here gone name changes etc. Not sure whats going on there. +4
  • Yes I would but I only fight back for a good reason.
  • I usually ignore it, and yes, I'm missing Friendo. He's banned from AB until 2030~something.
  • Turn the points/rating updates off in my profile and go someplace else for a while.
  • I'm getting trolled, don't know why..when someone answers one of my questions and it is not a favorable answer...I don't downrate but sometimes someone else does and the person that answered the question thinks I did it because they answered the question unfavorably...understand what I mean?
  • Fighting back just gets you in trouble. I've decided to completely ignore trolls. I don't get the hint about who is missing, guess I'm a little slow.
  • My ratings are off so it's not something I'd notice. I really wouldn't waste my time doing any of those things anyway. Just gives the troll exactly what they want- attention. And to me it's a sign that I'm taking the site too seriously.
  • Yay..I have notice a couple of people not on AB..which is unusual for them. I don't talk to the one anymore and the other one I am thinking about emailed me last week about a scavenger hunt game on the AB...Which was so Much Fun!!!!!
  • I don't pay any attention to them....+6
  • I could care less if I'm trolled. Who's missing Icy?
  • When I'm trolled, I usually make a smart a** comment or two to make myself feel better and then forget about it. Unless it's a lot of trolling. So far, it's been manageable. I'm sorry someone left because of it. I don't think of trolls as true AB'ers anyway. I wouldn't let them drive me away.
  • If you fight back you get PB. CL sometimes help, but sometimes they seem to have their own agenda. I was tempted to leave. I don't like dragging anyone else into my fights. I don't want them to get into trouble. That almost happened once. I have noticed a lot of people missing that I usually see. I have seen others come back as someone else too. Why can't you say Icy?
  • I don't do anything, too much work and I'm lazy lol.
  • I have asked numerous times what is a troll? By these comments, I am assuming that it is somebody that downrates your answers on a continious basis. Is this correct? Since, i don't care about points and ratings, I would not care.
  • I give less than a clod of dirt about a troll/jerk. +5
  • When I am TROLLED, I will turn off my comments and answers, screenshot the DRs (all the same value), and send the screentshot(s) to If you don't, the troll will not stop and will probably hurt someone else, maybe even hitting friends JUST because they are friends. I care little for the value of the DR... If they are a troll, they are a troll. A couple of individual DRs is NOT a troll. BUT: For "fighting back", I ask the DRer specifically (we don't know who it was, so I usually start off "DRer...") what the problem with the answer was. (For questions, I usually do nothing.) Then I will leave them a video telling them how pitiful they are, what an a-hole they are, or some such song. Now and then, if I'm really invested in the answer, I will ask some friends, if they feel it's worthy, to UR my answer. There are also "verbal trolls" who seem to kind of stalk people, leaving snide remarks and comments. When confronted, they usually fight back. Report them to a CL and/or staff. If YOU can keep your cool, and let them rant and rave, THEY will get into trouble, YOU won't. Don't provoke them with even "gentle" name-calling, just respond to whatever they've said without cussing and name-name-calling. If they come back at you again, report it to a CL. When I wasn't a CL, I would go to them for a verbal troll, or jerk in the comment threads. Now, I hope people come to me. If I can do something, I will. BUT, remember that I have to be as impartial as possible. And there ARE some smart jerks out there, who could probably provoke the Pope into cursing. Don't let them - Don't let it get that far. If it's bad enough, unsubscribe and report. Leave AB? Not for a troll. Who's missing? In my two+ years here, I've seen a LOT of people come and go. Some really GOOD people have left (some for trolls, some for personal reasons), and some jerky-type people (some of those normally decent ABers who have overdone retaliation against trolls, or who tried to - and sometimes succeeded - in "getting rid" of some of those "really good" people, sometimes after THEY were tossed from AB. And, there are still people like that here. I know of one (AA or CA) who currently seems to have gotten caught up in dumping a troll that was after them and another. I am not sure if they did anything, or it was accidental. I asked Rich about that one. I'm sure there are some I never hear from again, and miss, but as I said, I've seen so many come and go, some temporarily, I probably assume that's what's happened to them. And, I'm sure others "go missing" for a time, and return. Sm00z is one. Arisztid left for a few months and has returned. Cyndi (former CL) returns now and then, but has a new baby to attend to, so... Oh... And I don't turn off my ratings. I use them to make sure I've commented and rated questions and answers. A few DRs aren't going to hurt (and I comment about them and LET IT GO), and when it happens someone trolls me, I report them. That way they can't hurt newbies, or others with their ratings on, and cause problems elsewhere. ;-)
  • i ignore them with no problem...
  • Trolled? Isn't that part of the fun here? When you are in AB space no one can hear you scream. In other words deal. (who's missing?)
  • If I felt I was being treated unfairly, then yes, I would contact someone of authority at AB. I will not put up with people who troll. I also would fight for a friend who may of been falsely accused of trolling.
  • My ratings are turned off. Anyway, I've noticed that Barbie has been away fer a while. Good egg she was. +6
  • I ground them into bran muffins and "elimate" them out the derriere; what else are they good for? ;)
  • I do not get trolled. It is below me.
  • I do all the things I'm not supposed to do, Attack, Attack, Attack, to hell with the consequences. +5 Icy
  • no...I have no time to be bothered about them +5
  • Quietly call a COAT.A friend is busy and missing atm. If a question is unfairly flagged I go to feedback. Did that this week and its back.

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