• Maacco did a job like that for me. It was scratched into the metal. No wax in the world was going to help it.
  • Make them redo it and if they don't go through the courts to get it done.
  • well it could base coat/clear coat has to be wet sanded and buffed the clear that is, to get rid of orange peel black is a real mother f**ker in some cases brand new black paint can show swirl marks in the sun if the swirl is in the clear, it can be buffed with finesse-it if it is in the paint coat, it wasn't applied properly
  • When its done right it should have no imperfections. It all depends on the painter but if laid right it should look like this....Granted this wasn't a cheap job but there is no marks or imperfections of any kind anywhere..but I doubt there are many painters that can do work like this.
  • If they are indeed swirl marks and not sand marks they should be fairly easy to remove with products like 3M Glazing product for dark colored cars followed by 3M Ultrafina swirl remover. Fresh paint should not be waxed for 90 days or so to let it cure but after that wax should solve the problem. If the marks are from sanding, (random scratches) they may have to resand with a finer grit sandpaper and rebuff. Black is the worst color to get all imperfections out of but most should come out. You must realize however that even if all are removed black will show imperfections almost as soon as you drive it out of the shop just due to climate and road conditions

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