• No. It's great. My kid has a great relationship with her grandparents. As an aside, all involved, me, wife, all grandparents have a great relationship with each other. There are advantages to living close to each other.
  • It is a good way to show children different stages of life, different friendships, and respect for the elderly, which seems to be missing lately.
  • I think it is very important if they are a good role model & as active as distance allows. There is no way a mother or father can replace that relationship 100%. And it gives parents a little time occasionally for alone time as a couple with peace of mind knowing their in great & loving hands. +5
  • I don't see why not.
  • Its good for the parents to finally get a little break:):):)
  • Kids should definitely know and spend time with their grandparents unless it is unsafe for them to do so. ("Unsafe" is herein defined as tendencies toward physical or psychological abuse or use of subsances that would impair judgment, legal or not.)
  • As long as they're a loving, stable, positive influence in the kids lives.
  • Depends on what kind of grandparents you have. If they don't do drugs or belittle you in front of them then I say yes.
  • Not if their ax murderers. It goes both ways.
  • Yes, it is. I loved my paternal grandmother very much until she died on January 3, 1999.
  • I would think so. I would love to have my grandson here on Mondays as my son and his girlfriend work and they need some one to watch the baby, he is almost a year old. My wife, however, is not bio-locigally related to the grandson and she refuses to be home to watch my grandson. I find it frustrating but she just says, not my son, not my grandson, and not my problem. I pointed out it takes a village to raise a child and she told me to move to another village.
  • it is awesome bothways
  • Our daughter spent a lot of weekends with her grandparents. It didn't hurt her at all and on top of that it allowed her mother and I to have some time for ourselves which I think made us better parents.
  • As long as the grandparents are reasonable people and truly love the child, yes.
  • By in large, yes. There are exceptions, but I've always enjoyed my grandparens immensely and I would be missing out a lot if I wasn't allowed to spend time with them.
  • Ya, It is good for both.
  • It depends upon the grandparent! Some are wonderful people and provide a good balance for a child of love, play, and responsible behaviors. But some grandparents, I would not leave a turd with! Becoming a grandparent, is not any promise that the individual will care for your child, in a way that meets with your approval.
  • Yes, it can be. I think most grandchildren enjoy a more relaxed time with their grandparents too. I know that I did.
  • Yes, it's not only good for the child, it's good for the parents too. I don't know what I would do if my mother didn't come get my son once a week to spend the night. I look forward to it more than he does sometimes! +3
  • Being a grandparent of 3...Heck yes! Two of my grand children spend the weekend with us every weekend. They love it, I love it and their parents love having some "alone" time.
  • At the time of my fathers passing, my girls were 13, 15 and 17; at the time of my mothers pass my girls where 16, 18 and 20........Every day from the day they were born they spent time with their grandparents as to the fact that my mom and dad babysit them until my husband and/or I got off duty. That they will tell you was the best years of their lives thus far and equally they will tell you their passing was the hardest for them to deal come to terms with. But the memories they tell me now they would not change one day of sharing time with them for anything in the world.

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