• how do you hate something that you arent supposed to believe exists?
  • i still feel sad when i think that he felt so desperate and alone he had to blow his head off
  • I'm a Christian and I don't hate Krisna. You can't hate something you don't believe in! To hate Krisna would be to admit Krisna exists. Christians are instructed to believe in one God, and the name Krisna is not mentioned. Now, it could be that Krisna is just someone elses name for this same God, and if so, then how can we hate our God?
  • Already told you, Antigone, Christians hate everyone but their own breed.
  • make love not war
  • Christians were told that only Jesus as Prophet. Being an organized religion, their thinking is supposed to stop right there. This is how organized religions operate. They will tell you who existed or not existed and then will force you to believe in it.
  • How could anyone hate Lord Krishna, when he is the one who turns hate into love. What you call Nirvana, Christians call the eternal kingdom of God. Jesus, the son of God and Lord Krishna both preached the same teachings, which is that God is everything and everything is God and one should love God with pure faith, love and devotion. Religions might have different names, but in reality there is one religion and that is called God. The reason why religions get different names is because when religion is forgotton and replaced with irreligion, sin and untruth and this spreads to a point that it will destroy the world; God and his messengers come done to show us the right path. Just as all rivers flow into the same ocean similiary, All religions flow and come from the same God. Different name but same teachings, ideals and of course Love and God.
  • Mathew 19:18,19 "Jesus said:
  • I find Buddhism to be sorely lacking in interest for me when compared to the philosophy and theology of Christianity---so I am indifferent to Krishna. And if the following site accurately described Nirvana, I have no interest in going there in the first place. "Nirvana literally means "cool" or "to extinguish", and it is a state where suffering has been "extinguished." Or said another way, the flames of desire have been cooled. In short, it is a state of the ultimate freedom - freedom from sorrow, but also freedom from happiness."

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