• force field up
  • None. Sometimes it's prudent to simply mind your own business.
  • Take it slow, it will all work its self out naturally.
  • RUN baby RUN. naw i really wouldn't do that. i would question why they need advise, are they uncertain? i would gladly give my two cents tactifully.
  • You're rubbing it in my face arn't you.
  • I wouldn't. It is none of my business. I wouldn't want to give advice, that they then follow and end up regretting listening to me. My friend is an adult, they should be able to run their own life without my help.
  • Run. Run like hell. Don't let it happen to you five times like me.
  • Follow your heart but check-in with your head once in a while:-)
  • If they asked for advice, I would recommend they take their time. It takes a while to know someone, so they should take care of themselves while deciding whether or not they want this person to be their lifelong partner.
  • Take your time and go slowly.
  • Make sure the person you are dating is a person of good character. Know their friends and family right from the start. Introduce them to your friends and family right from the start. If someone expresses reservations about your new love interest, investigate why they have those reservations. They may see something you don't and may save you from heartache later. Date in a group at first, its safer. Your grandparents weren't idiots about courtship. Learn from what they knew. Treat it as courtship and preparation for marriage, not dating, unless you want it to be dead end and hurtful. Set limits to behavior right from the start and follow them. You are not a rutting bull elk and if you behave like one, you will end up hurt. Treat your intended with respect, consideration and maturity at all times. Expect the same treatment from them. Build a friendship first. If friendship is there first, it will still be there when the heat and excitement of new love dies away (and it will, you can only go without eating or sleeping for so long). Don't be covetous of other people's relationships, the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence, its greener where its watered. If your relationship seems to be on the withered and brown side of the fence, get out the hose. Put God first in the relationship and the rest will follow.
  • If the person has a tendency to get into unhealthy relationships, I'd probably discuss that with them.
  • Become best friends first, THEN get romantic. My wife is my best friend and I am supremely happy. : )
  • Try to keep your brain dominant over your gonads. +5 Icy
  • Always be open and honest, keep the lines of communication open.
  • I will say "You are entering a new romantic relationship. I am happy for you! I hope things go well! And just one more thing.. tell him you got a friend known as 'the bonecrusher' and I will pay him a visit if he hurts you either physically or emotionally! Okay I am not known as 'the bonecrusher' but he doesn't have to know that. And if you need any advice or get into a difficult situation you know you can always count on me for help. Take care and enjoy with your new romantic relationship!" ;)
  • Just ask your heart who dreams about you Just ask your heart who's faithful and true Someone who cares and won't make you blue Just ask your heart who loves only you Then you will find your true love will be Someone who cares for you And wants to make you happy Then when your heart says he loves only you And when it says he won't make you blue Then ask your heart if your love is true Just as his heart loves only you +5
  • Hard to say without more specific information. I usually say go for it. +5 spicy
  • Do what you want to do, just don't get attached.
  • Criminal check done..:)
  • Always be up front about what's bothering you as soon as the feeling starts. Never wait until it boils over.
  • NEVER go to bed angry. . When you say I love you, MEAN IT!!! . When you say I'm sorry, look the person in the eyes! . ALWAYS make time for you and your S/O to do something outside the home that is fun for the both of you. Time spend apart can make a distance between the 2 of you. End up NOT enjoying the time you share together. . When your S/O leaves the house say something special to him/her. Such as I love you, you are so sexy, you are beautiful, can't wait to see you when you get home. It don't have to be one of the things I mentioned. You know what your S/O likes to hear. So say it to them! Never know when this might be the last time/thing you get to say to him/her!!! . Maybe a kiss or a hug before they leave, when you wake up, or ANY TIME! Just because you love him/her! . +5
  • Be carefull: Just run out of pts
  • Either you love him as he is or you don't love him.
  • Love her as she is , accept her, don't try to change her.... empathy and adjustment plus compromise and compassion are teh keys for a good romantic relation....

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