• This made the news all over the world and it is a typical light-hearted last item on the show. The chances of him being convicted are so remote as to be virtually non-existent, unless her claim that he moved to a different window are proved. As to your closing points, I disagree with the first and have no opinion on the second.
  • She should have been arrested for looking in the man's window. I don't care what time it was!
  • That's such nonsense, and the police go and arrest him? What are they smoking? If I knew this woman it would be hard to take her serious and I would probably end up making her angry because I would be laughing at her ridiculous reaction.
  • I had a neighbor years ago who'd lie on his couch totally nude. I saw this through the window one day when I walked up the stairs to my apartment. I was a bit shocked, because I wasn't expecting to see this. But, I NEVER took it as him being a pervert. I saw it as him having the freedmom to relax in the privacy of HIS OWN space however he wanted. From that day on I turned my head when I walked up the stairs to my apartment. I think this lady is a prude, and she felt threatened by her own paranoid thoughts. And, thanks to her people will think twice about how they relax in THEIR OWN homes. Just where do we draw the line?
  • I would bet this same woman lets her son watch all the crime and violence TV progarmas such as CSI and other such violent shows and to play video games with killing and destruction on them as well. Nudity never hurt anyone but has been given a bad rap because of a bunch of busy-bodies who have nothing better to do with their lives than to butt in where they are not needed. It is high time the government is kicked out of the home unless someone is being injured or killed etc. Simple nudity should not be a cause! all charges should be dropped. I have been a nudist for years and also am naked in my home as well!
  • Some women! I dunno!! this guy is me every morning!! I walk round my house naked all the time first thing of a morning when just getting out of bed, she must have had to crane her neck that early to spot him!! how nosey can you get!! :-/ shame on the police too for not arresting the woman for invasion of privacy! :-/
  • I heard about this case. I think it's just dumb. The woman was trespassing on his property and saw him naked. I don't necessarily think she was trying to spy on him but the point is she was on his private property when this happened. If she saw him off of his property that's one thing, but that's not the case. I think they should give the guy a break. What's next? If you're taking a crap in your house and you leave your front door unlocked and someone comes in uninvited are they going to charge you with indecent exposure then too? Basically if he can be seen from someone who's not on his property he should use curtains or something, but whether he can or can't that's clearly not the case here. +4
  • Blame the male. If the situation were reversed, he'd still be the one arrested for being a peeping tom.
  • He probably has the basis for several good lawsuits. +5
  • If visible for more than an instant by a casual passerby who is in a public access area (like the street or sidewalk), there might - I repeat, might - be cause for calling it indecent exposure. If the "passerby" has to stop and position him/herself to gain a point of vision, then he/she is a peeping tom. From what I read here, the latter seems to be more accurate; in fact, she seems to have been trespassing on his property. I don't see how he could be held at fault.
  • Does anyone know how long she looked before deciding to call the police? And personally, if he was in his own house, minding his own business it is absolutely NONE of her busybody business!
  • As long as he wasn't stirring his coffee cup with his cock, all is fine in my opinion.
  • The police must've been hard up for an arrest. WTF was this woman doing walking w/ a 7 year old @ 5:30 anyway?
  • From an Aussies point of view... "it could only happen in America", I feel sorry for this bloke because even if its thrown out of court its going to be on his record and we all know what any kind of record means in the U.S. ... up shit creek without a paddle
  • I had better get ready to be arrested. I walk in front of our sliding glass doors naked almost every evening and morning. Sometimes I don't realize the curtain isn't shut when I walk into the kitchen. And, It is a second story window/door that looks out over numerous backyards and a large strip of public property. The arrest was pretty stupid. If it was a willful exhibition I could see the problem but sounds like it was a purposeful viewing.
  • Good grief! This is so beyond stupid. I live in a remote area and I have been known to be outside naked, I'm half naked most of the time when at home, and when no one is home (kids), hubby and I both are naked. It is MY HOME! If your looking in, you just might catch an eye full!! My curtians do not close, they are valances. I would probally press my butt to the window if I caught you looking in! You would deserve it too because you were being NOSY! There is no violation here on the males part, but there is with the peeping nosy violater of privacy woman!
  • That is beyond ridiculous. Unless the perpetrator was standing at his window, jumping up and down, yelling "look at me, look at me", your peeping tom and facist despriptions seem fitting. It makes a crime that can actually have some serious and dangerous implications for its victims seem like nothing more than a joke. Add me to the masses that are at risk to be charged for in-home nudity. Too much time on one's hands is an understatement here. Hopefully it is laughed out of court.
  • Of course it's crap to be indecent, intent is needed if he ran out of his house screaming for attention it is a different story
  • Bottomline: no one told her to look. The case will be dismissed. you can do whatever you please behind closed door of your own home, unless is a violation of law. She is the guilty party. She needs to come to Tennessee. We sometimes make our coffee in the buff. its better that way and besides, who cares?
  • She had no business looking in his windows in the first place.

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