• People on both sides like to put others down so as to get a warm fuzzy feeling that they're smarter or wiser than those other people.
  • LOL they make fun of any fanatic... dont take it personal!
  • It's an interesting obsession, isn't it?!
  • You have to understand, the christians here are such bullies that they evoke in people a deep hatred. Believing in god isn't bad, but shooting doctors, bombing clinics, and harboring those who do these things makes it hard to be real sympathetic.
  • That's not a trend I've noticed. I have seen them defend themselves when attacked by zealots though.
  • A tiny minority of non-believers do that, just as a tiny minority of believers belittle people who have no faith, or a different faith. Most people are quite happy to live and let live.
  • I guess because those that don't believe are continuously hounded by those that do and it makes them retaliate.
  • I've seen the belittling go both ways on this site. The believers in God belittle those who do not believe and the ones who don't believe belittle the ones who do. The adult way to handle this would be to accept that everyone has their beliefs and opinions and leave it at that. But, in a short time here I have seen that that is rarely what happens.
  • People have the right to believe or not believe in a religion.For people that like to push their religious or non religious ideas,it might be good to leave that out of the conversation.I have some that I know that we decide to leave religion,politics and other subjects out of the conversation to save argument.
  • It's retaliation.
  • we all need an "out group" whom we chastise. i think that having faith in god is a wonderful thing. like in the crusades, spanish inquisition, and war on terror / anti-islamacism, 9/11, uss cole ... too much violence has been expressed against those of other faiths.
  • If you knew adults who had faith in some being was almost certainly imaginary - say Clive, the BeerGut Fairy - who hung out with other Clivists having serious discussions on whether Clive preferred ale or lager, who went to war over questions like that with break away Clivists (the Pilsnerists), and who went round knocking on doors or hanging out in underground stations trying to get non-Clivists to "see the foam" and be Quenched while handing out literature about the End of Beer Days... You get the picture. I'm not trying to be intentionally insulting - but the point is that in any context other than religion everyone would think it at least silly for adult to behave like that. Take away the tradition, generations old habit, of it and you've got people playing Make Believe and expecting to be taken seriously. +5
  • It might have something to do with the fact that some true believers are rude, opinionated, obnoxious and irritating. Add to this they can be smug, self righteous and confrontational.... And lastly, some feel the need to push their faith down your throat by changing the law of the land to embrace their faith.
  • I myself do not, however i've found the reverse to be true. Self proclaimed Spiritual God loving people who, for reasons only known to them, use their beliefs as a stick to beat non believers with.I,m agnostic by the way a kind of religious fence sitter.An ok place to be, so long as there are no nails in fence!
  • We tend to hate or fear that which we do not understand. This is true for both those who call themselves christians, and for those who call themselves atheists.
  • its usually tit for tat and gets a little boring and repettative
  • Many reasons Some cant look beyond their own beliefs/opinions some live to belittle anyone about anything
  • There are a number of reasons. The most obvious is that it's a kneejerk backlash against persecution of others on the part of some Christians or other religious groups, either present or historical and/or perceived or otherwise. I don't see a problem with people who want to believe in God, but another obvious problem with many religious beliefs is that they're intractably stupid. Women extracted from ribs? Walking on water? Sky gods enjoying the smell of burning flesh? You have the right to believe whatever you want, but you don't have the right to tell others they can't call you on your stupidity.
  • That is what you get when you want people to believe you're the cat's whiskers. It is often better to practice some humility. Not just about yourself, by the way, but also about your beliefs.
  • It's just payback from when they were younger and were force fed religion. As soon as they're old enough to develop their own opinion, they dont hold back.
  • There are several possible answers - pick one that suits you (let me know which one you pick): 1. By saying you are wrong, that makes them right. 2. This is the way the devil uses people to win people away from the Lord. 3. They're going to belittle you before you belittle them. 4. They actually think they are right in believing there is no God and they think they are dong you a favor by opening your eyes. 5. Since you have faith in God, they know you'll forgive them for what they are doing. 6. They know you'll pray for them, and they just need someone to pray for them. 7. The same reason people pick wings off butterflies and put cats in microwave ovens. 8. They belong to a satanistic cult, and like Christians are instructed to evangelize for the Lord, they are instructed to evangelize against the Lord. 9. They are simply troublemakers. Just ignore them. 10. They were never taught right from wrong as they were growing up. 11. It is a sincere cry that they need Jesus in their life. Don't get mad, don't get even, take the opportunity to tell them how Jesus has made a positive change in your life. I could go on and on. I have been studying they people for a long time, and they never cease to amuse me. But one of these answers should work. Let me know if you liked one, ok?
  • If a person has wild and wacky ideas of what religion is all about, and does not seem to know, or have even read the Bible, then it is the responsibility of anyone knowing [ properly] to point out what the scriptures say. Only when a statement is supported by scripture does it have any impact. Example...The RCC operates on imagery of many figures...Mary, saints, Jesus even...but what does scripture say... (Exodus 20:4, 5)
  • Citing scripture is not belittling...but the Bible does have warnings.
  • The same reason poor kids pick on rich kids, or dullard bullies pick on nerds and smart kids. They seek to remove that which they can never have. It;s why we pity the godless for their disability.

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