• What makes you assume I have faith, or place it in anything? I don't take anything on faith. Faith is belief in the absence of proof or strong evidence, and often in spite of evidence to the contrary. I just don't work that way. I use critical thinking, wherein I chose which ideas to accept, which to put a question mark beside, and which to reject based upon logic and evidence. Each idea I accept is subject to revision or dismissal in response to ongoing analysis. Faith just doesn't enter into the equation.
  • Faith as in a belief in the unknown - maybe the point is athiests don't believe in the intangibles, the mythologies of others. Maybe some believe in the conscience, the morality of the self. Maybe others believe in other things. +5
  • Faith, define as 'belief without evidence', is something I do not have. I think it's a dangerous concept that leads to wrong conclusions. (if anyone wants to downrate this answer, feel free to do so yet leave a reason for why did it)
  • As an atheist, I have faith in mankind as a whole. I believe that, as a people, we could accomplish great things if we worked towards a common end. This is with me defining faith as: firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Humanity has done nothing to show it is capable of transcending its current limitations (prejudice, war, poverty), but I believe that one day we will overcome all of this without any help from a god. Every great achievment mankind has made so far, has been without the aid of a god. A mysterious all-powerful being didn't reach down and invent irrigation or crop-rotation. +2
  • I have my faith in Christ and in Humanity for the good of this world...
  • They place their faith in their self.
  • My family first and the almighty dollar next.
  • In life itself.:)
  • Dunno if 'faith' is the right word to have chosen here, but I understand your meaning. I put it in life, in all it's various forms. It is a beautiful thing.
  • Human beings, I have a humanistic approach to life.
  • I do not believe in God or do not follow any religion but I do believe in an external supreme force, it's like energy.. i also believe in destiny and in karma... humans have to strive for and accomplish their goals and individuals who reach their fullest potential is the best thing that this world needs.
  • i believe in karma and life itself. also reincarnation
  • Myself and selected other homo sapiens who've proven their wisdom and trustworthiness. ;-)
  • The same place everyone does ultimately: other people and oneself. Even if you believe in a god, or I'll go further, there actually is a god who doesn't constantly directly intervene in the events of this world for whatever reason, you still have to rely on yourself and your fellow humans to keep the world going and progressing forward. Even if I were not an atheist, I would still be a humanist. Any god's plan might not involve enforcing the smooth running of society. Therefore the only thing that can make society better is those who live in it. And that is my responsibility as much as it is anyone else's.
  • Humanity, ethics and morality, common decency, honesty, collaborative human endeavor for the good of mankind, sun and the elements, planet earth, its ecology & evolution, this life and its joys; * in short, anything sensible, plausible and non-superstitious really!
  • Faith, from a general secular definition, loosely means to have complete confidence in a person, plan, etc. . So where is my complete confidence? It can't be in any person considering how often people lie. Therefore it can't be in a book or story written or told by people. I don't even have complete confidence in myself as I know that I'm only working with the information I have. I'm not sure I have complete confidence in anything, except for perhaps my own ignorance. This doesn't mean I celebrate it or wish it was there, in fact, I constantly try to minimize the amount within me. . So where do I place my faith? No where. There is too much to be able to understand everything or believe that someone else has. I don't find it necessary to have it either. I see it as more of a hope than confidence. People have faith that god is real, but to me they are hoping he's real since if they could prove it, they would. It's like playing the lottery. You hope you win but you don't have confidence you will win, the chances are too unbelievable.
  • In people...... which might explain my very low levels of faith.
  • Interesting question. I am not an atheist. I'm agnostic. But I'll take a stab since that leaves me not placing my faith in a Creator, Gods or Intelligent Designer. I believe in the scientific method. I believe in the laws and forces that govern the Universe, although I recognize that both will likely pass away.
  • What faith? I only believe in things for which there is evidence, so that believing in them is not faith. And even then, belief is always contingent. The statement "X is so" is always implicitly qualified by "according to the best evidence I have to date". So there are many things that I assume to be true (the sun will rise tomorrow, water runs downhill) because they have been true often enough that the effort of making plans in case they stop being true seems excessive.
  • Generally speaking I have faith in nothing and no-one - if we're talking about the kind of faith people have in a god, or gods. When I am rockclimbing I have faith that the rope will hold me if I fall - even though I have not specifically tested "this" specific rope. But - that is because I know the rope exists, know the properties of it, know it has been well looked after and so on. That is a different faith to a faith in god, a being never proven to exist with qualities and characteristics that vary wildly depending on who you talk to. Not an inherently trustworthy thing to put faith in, IMO.
  • I choose to place my faith, in those who have proven track records of success. Faulty at times yes. But generally trustworthy.

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