• No offense man, but this made me feel sorry for your wife.
  • Surely a maturely adult and realistic approach is to divorce the spouse on grounds of incompatibility??? Not to mention more dignified for all concerned...
  • you should be i guess lucky
  • if you do, you're a very dumb, very petty man & i hope your wife finds someone who will accept her advances & dumps your neglectful ass.
  • Don't you share finances? Being married and all, I would think you at least split the payment of bills and such. So, if you sue her for money, isn't that cutting off your nose to spite your face?
  • so what in the world did you marry her for? she's your wife, sex is what married couples do. Of course marriage is a relationship too, but sex is part of the deal.
  • She let herself go that badly, huh? How big did she get? Anyway, no, don't sue. Even if you win, how are you gonna collect? Just divorce her and move on.
  • No, but he can handcuff her to the bed for 4 hours and go out for a quiet pint.
  • No. But she can probably divorce you for alienation of affection.
  • What about joint ownership? It would be like suing yourself. I'm sorry if this is happening to you, it would be domestic sexual abuse and there is a kind of restraining order for that but I don't think the system as your kind of case in mind for it. What you would be having is a troubled marriage, sex is often a subject of arguement but why stay with someone who doesn't respect you?
  • You can try. I doubt very much you'll win. Divorce her and let her find someone who really loves her and all she can offer.
  • Sheesh, how incredibly embarrassing it would be... a wife sued for trying to have sex with her husband. o_o
  • She's probably selfish and only considers her own sexual gratification and doesn't care about you. If that's the case, just divorce her.
  • Shame on you, get off of the computer and go take care of your wife.:/
  • I wouldn't, I'll guarantee!
  • I suppose you could, but what you really need is: A) to start loving her for whoever (or whatever) she is... B) to get couseling ,rather than a lawyer, to pursue what I said in "A" Read the A'bag pages! See how many guys wish they had your problem.
  • Hehe. I think you would create a legal precedent.

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