• Yes, my recipe for Thunder Chili! : D
  • I have two: the ass-kickin' chicken chili that I cooked in the chili cook-out and the grits casserole that won first place in the grits challenge.
  • kick ass BBQ sauce
  • yes, i do..
  • For what? Scorin' at a nightclub? Naw. I've not much of an imagination so just ask, "What's your sign?" - ;-)
  • my love sauce hahah
  • Not full recipes, but I may give the "good" version of the recipe and leave out the bad ingredients. This is because people SAY they hate, but positively RAVE about foods that contain sugar, salt, vanillin (not vanilla) and lard. So they bake mediocre-tasting foods at home, and buy bakery goods that are loaded up with the bad stuff but refuse to read the label.
  • I make fantastic, world class chile. I have about fifty different ways, AND, a collection of hot sauce! As you all know, there are certain basics to making world class chile, but it's the little things we add and do as we are cooking that make each bowl unique.
  • I would share with the people I care about.
  • Yes thats why they are secret.
  • I didn't used to but I finally got tired of sharing one recipe with people and they would tell me it didn't turn out the same for them. If they had followed the recipe exactly, not just the ingredients but the 'method', which is more important than the ingredients, they would have been successful. Instead they felt I was trying to keep it secret and wasn't telling them everything. So, I decided to just keep it to myself and make it for others to enjoy.
  • Yes, firstly you best go for yourself, but that doesn't mean that you must actually do so
  • Congratulations on getting "Topic of the Day" with this question, kybear! No, I don't have any secret recipies. I give people my recipes if they ask for them.
  • I used to have a secret recipe, but one day when my mother in law asked for it at thanksgiving, and I said, "It's a secret." She looked at me funny, kind of like I was the rudest person she'd ever met. I felt badly for saying I couldn't give it to her, so before we left her house, I wrote it down for her, and I've never kept a recipe secret since.
  • I actually have one that I concocted about 20 years ago, my locally famous Jalapeno Mustard. It is the only one of my recipes that I will not share, but more than willing to give a jar of it.
  • Actually, no. I'm more than willing to share the recipe for any of my famous dishes. Just lemme know if you need to take a peek at the "Compendium of Kick-Ass Recipes". ^_^
  • Yes and I'll make it for you anytime you like, but if I told you how I made it id have to kill you.
  • No, I have never gotten that silly notion of not sharing recipes. Share all of them. If they can't cook, it won't matter and if they can you got that great dish out there in the world now.
  • vegetarian lasagna - lots of my friends dont know there isnt a bit of meat in it - it is sooooo good!
  • Yes, and the funny thing about it is that I got the recipe from the internet so everyone on earth has access to it anyway. I am a little embarrassed that I am being so selfish with it.

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