• Because they just are. . . . I'm saying this as a mother of two boys.
  • hormones
  • Hormones, Testerone and establishing a pecking order amongst their peers. Trying find their independence, who they are and want to be.
  • It's an awkward age for a lot of people, both girls and boys. Some boys aren't yet interested in girls and some are. Some have had big growth spurts and seem clumsy. Everyone eventually grows up -- just not at the same speed. By the time you are 25 you may find one of those jerks turned better than most.
  • uhmmm puberty..........................
  • Simply, because they are. Their brains, being organs, haven't physically matured yet, and they struggle with the hormonal changes that play havoc on their immature brains. Couple that with having parents who are like kids themselves, who give their teenage children little moral guidance and firmity, and you have a prime recipe for a bunch of unruly, goofy teenage boys. I understand fully what you mean----sometimes I want to give boys that age a good kick in the butt! lol
  • 1) They are JUST starting "feeling their oats", and don't know how to handle it. 2) They are usually a bit less mature than girls (boys mature slower). So, MOST are still "kids". ;-)

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