• It can mean a hormone imbalance. I have heard that people smell and taste copper prior to a stroke -- don't know if that's true.
  • It's my understanding that if you smell the scent of "roses", it means there's paranormal close-by!
  • There are numerous things that could cause this. Something upsetting your blood gases, hormonal imbalance, getting sick with sinus reaction...the latter of which is by far the most common. Give it another 24 hours. You're probably catching a cold. +5
  • 6-8-2017 It might be a symptom of a brain tumor. Or a lot of other things.
  • you know.. funny that you ask that.. there have been some times when I have smelt such a strong odor of tobacco coming from nowhere.. It was so strong as if it were all cigarette butts and not the smoke itself.. I know it wasn't me but it was coming from somewhere.. Then i thought maybe it could be demons and devils and such making the smells come about but with more studying of God's Word, i realized that there are no demons and devils.. they are all man made ideas although in The Holy Bible. I can give examples and references but the prince of devils, beelzebub was a baal worshipper or attribution given to the Zidonian god baal. And the baal 'deity' was nothing more than a statue that they made. A statue, not a real deity. As far as the devil is concerned, the very first mention of 'the devil' is in The New Testament.. Never once is a devil mentioned in all of The Old Testament. So I am beginning to wonder if the 'devil' is even a real thing.. I can go on with what I have found out so far but from what I can tell, the serpent in Genesis cannot be Lucifer in Isaiah and Ezekiel and cannot be 'the devil' nor can it be the dragon and nor can it be 'satan' which stood up against Israel to provoke King David to censor all of Israel in 1 Chronicles.. They all cannot be the same being in different bodily forms...
    • Linda Joy
      Lev. 17:7. Deut. 32:17 Ps. 106:37.

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