• There is actually. It's called Drop Shipping. Drop Shipping entails you setting up a web site to sell someone else's products. You essentially are an online retail outlet for a company that manufactures goods. You take the orders off your website and the payment, send the orders off to your manufacturer with payment for the goods.They ship to the address you provide. You have no inventory to keep, so no storage is required. You make your money by adding a percentage over the manufacturers drop ship price (what they are charging you for the goods). It's a pretty lucrative way to make money off the web and doesn't require much time other than initially setting up your web site and finding companies that will drop ship.
  • All it takes is finding clients (or, dare I say, an employer!) that will allow you to work from home. I’m actually writing this from work, despite the fact that I’m on vacation, 800 miles from my office. My office is in Indiana, I’m currently in New Jersey, and the computer I’m working on is a client’s server in Georgia—and it all works beautifully! My wife has also done drop-shipping—which does work well, in theory—but there was too much competition in her particular area (handmade bath & body supplies) and she never got out of the red. :-(
  • Check out! It's absolutely free and you DO make money! Become a guide and make 10 dollars an hour, become and expeditor and make 5! :)
  • Yes. Become a software genius, and they will queue up to pay you. It is all about delivering value.

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