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  • I don't think a moment is a definable length of time as such. Once you're aware of the moment, it has gone, so it lasts however long that takes. No, I don't think the answer depends on whether or not you believe in the duality of body and soul. Why would it?
  • A "moment" has no fixed definition, and no it has nothing to do with believing in duality of body and soul. It's sometimes said that time is a "familiar stranger" -- it's always with us, the most ordinary and familiar thing... and yet we simply cannot grasp the answer to a question like this, we can't get a handle on what "NOW" really means... as soon as we think of this moment, it's gone, and a new one has arisen. This "ungraspable" nature of time is actually the nature of ALL reality -- when we try to get our heads around it, the best we can do is form a concept which chops the thing away from the whole. So all of life remains a permanent and impenetrable mystery, no matter how many ideas we form about things. That's as it should be... and to be able to see this allows us to relax our death grip on what we think we know.
  • A moment is an undefined amount of time. Think of circle. On a perfect circle, there is an infinite amount of points. That's how it is with moments too. No matter what frame you time you consider, there will always be an infinite amount of moments in it.

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