• It means tendency of integration of national capital markets.It is needed economic growth and devepoment of countries but there exists social and economic exploitation which lead to long term problems.
  • I think globalization is adopting policies that benefit us all. if that is done,then we shall seem like we are living in one village
  • It means that civilization worldwide is all adopting western ways. "Globalization" referred to a process of that occurring. It also however refers to a process of the powerful rich and the militant getting their way, molding others to do as they bid whether they want to or not. Ya ever see a rain forest dweller before the missionaries get there and force him to wear a shirt? He goes from Garden of Eden status to poorest people on the planet status in one decimating moment. Another example - to me - was when England was conquering the whole world, and they killed every living Tazmanian, because they wouldnt follow commands, and then went and made the Trobriand Islanders go from being a society with no word for "work', no money, none of the problems it only brings, a happy carefree being a society of ridiculous chumps, pointlessly working all day to bundle banana leaves, so they can call it "currency" and pretend to be like their conquerors demanded. Mr Pants thinks the Trobrianders should have killed the British invaders rather than accede to their demands. (Mr Pants does not favor world conquest, no matter who is doing it).
  • Life wants to interconnect. It is a natural process. Man is his small selfish endeavors for material wealth and dominance has adopted this natural phenomenon to selfish ends. Now what do we do about this life today, this planet and how we relate? Did you ever see the thousand fish together making the image of a giant fish? Then the big fish trembles.
  • well, i'm not too sure which term goes with globalization, but anything that is being done on a global level might fit into the term globalization. Did you know that most of the wild forests are being hacked down because more people are wanting to eat beef and meats? They need more land area to raise animals so we can have meat for our dinners... The meat industry is a very high monies industries..

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