• It's fake. Think about it, if there were people with paranormal abilities, they could prove it under scientifically controlled conditions. They would get famous, and a lot of money (there are prizes set by sceptics for those who can prove paranormal activity). People are way too gullible. They let themselves be tricked. I'm not saying paranormal is 100% impossible. All I'm claiming is that as long as nobody proves it, there is really no point in believing in such things. It's not that hard to prove such things if they existed!
  • It's a fictional horror flick.
  • some people dont realise this but these things do exist in my religion we call them GIN's and they do exist.They prey on those who are weak and have accepted on whats happening to them than the posses your body i have seen this happen first hand to some right infront of my eye this shit is not fake i can't prove this movie was made for real or made in hollywood but they are very real. no one can convince anyone until they have witnessed it first hand.
  • Paranormal activity is a merely a result of a combination of gullibility, lack of critical thinking and deception.
  • Out of curiousity did you ask the same thing about The Blair Witch Project?
  • Didn't you stay till the end? Where the little title card came up at the end of the movie, telling you how it was fictional and any resemblance to actual persons blah blah blah? Or did you get a seat right by the exit? Think how funny it was to make that movie. "Wear these heavy boots and stop around like a monster!"
  • Most people, if they actually understood quantum physics and the incredible ramifications of it, would be a lot less likely to cry FAKE every time they heard of something paranormal. According to quantum physics, reality isn't there when it's not being observed. I'm not making this up, this is textbook stuff. We also have something called entanglement in physics which demonstrates an underlying connectedness between all things in the universe regardless of space or even time. Again, all textbook stuff. With this kind of universe, it's hard to consider ANYTHING paranormal.
  • its fake as f*cking hell... dont watch it! its so f*cking dumb, my whole theater was laughing at the stupidity and bad acting from micha or whatever the hell his name is
  • No, it may look real, but it is fake. This was just alike as "The Blair Witch Project" and it was a very good movie, and the graphics and the realistic was very real. I would rate that video 100%. So, yeah it is fake,
  • Not real, a fake. +5
  • Fake , a bunch of people pretending to hear and see things and frightening themselves.
  • Fake, it's just a movie +5
  • people will always be suckered in look at tv evangelism, plain advertising, of course its a total fake

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