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  • no I know of a few women that ahave used it for cheating hubbies and also sissy slave type may have a good package but not pleasing so they end up cuckhold
  • Not at all --- cock size has nothing to do with cuckold husbands. My friend one time was fucking this guys woman in front of him and he asked if he could jerk off in the corner. My friend said that when he pulled his cock out it was massive and he suddenly felt inadequate. It is all about the mental turn-on for the cuckold to be watching his wife getting fucked by another guy -- and usually to clean that mess up from her pussy afterwards. It certainly has nothing to do with cock size --- it is a fetish, a mental turn-on.
  • I am a cuckold and yes i have small cock BUt love huge cocks fucking my partner and then licking her spunkie pussy clean I am sub and do as ordered be it submitting to the guy who she has fucked and be fucked by him or drinking her golden showers my life is happy as what I am i was born to be abused and submit to dom's of either sex having a small cock makes it easier
  • Same for me,sub hub here with a small cock.God yes I love seeing her get fucked with a huge cock.And even better when I'm allowed to suck him and have him fuck me.Wife claims she'll make me her bi/gay slut and I'm loving it.I would guess most guys with a small cock either end up a cuckold or divorced. You know their wives will f*&k around.I'm so fortunate to have my wife.She has become the perfect dom wife.

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