• Dungerees and fake tan down his left arm ;)
  • I worked in trucking for 5 years & saw drivers every day. Unfortunately the only thing consistent with my drivers was the lack of shower time, ha ha! Most of the time they look just like you & me. You can buy a "Mater" costume. Maybe that would be a little easier. It's not the same... at all really, but it's manly like a trucker & what kid doesn't like Mater?
  • alright so your main goal is something like al from tooltime. so first get him a fake beard. that will represent how much time he spends on the road and how tight his schedule is. next get some flannel long sleeved shirts. that way you know he's from the good ol' south. next is the jeans with the holes in them. signifies that he is all work and has no time to go shopping. finally the hat. the hat ties everything together. find a nice hat at a gas station or truck stop.
  • Truck drivers are hard to do cause they don't wear uniforms and they all wear clothes just like regular people do. There's no set style for a truck driver. So, maybe try stereotyping it a bit.. get a trucker hat and maybe a plaid shirt(I'd stay away from red or he'll look like a lumberjack) with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of blue jeans. This will also keep him pretty warm because it can be chilly around Halloween time. He could also use a small cooler or lunch box as a candy container. Try using a juice box and some spiral shoelaces to make a CB radio microphone that he can talk into. You could even find some trucker slang to work into his "Trick-or-treat". Here's a list of trucker lingo: Also, if you really wanna go the extra mile and are a crafty person.. you could always make a semi truck out of some cardboard boxes that he can walk around with.
  • Working as a driver is patently a honored trade
  • Here are some photos of real truckers. You would definitely need to add a cowboy hat, if you don't see one, but keep in mind that there is no such thing as a "standard" truck driver "look," and truckers don't really have a "uniform," per se. I'm tossing in this next photo, just to show you what a "VERY LUCKY" trucker looks like: Hope these might give you a few ideas and if you want more examples, just go have lunch at any "truck stop" in your area, and you'll see PLENTY of them! And one last idea: Happy costume creating! +5
  • Cowboy boots, blue jeans, plaid shirt, and about three weeks supply of uppers. And a complete refusal to maintain the speed limit.
  • Try a check shirt & cap with a pair of jeans that dont quite cover the crack of his arse.
  • Jeans, plaid shirt, work boots and a John Deer Cap! lol +5 Lil B I'm just back from 3 weeks of travel, missed you and all my AB friends. I hope all is well with you. Best, Jonathan

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