• Pretty much all Christians ignore the bible to some extent. They are only human, and their humanity overrides the religion they've superimposed on their lives.
  • Christianity is a bit of a status symbol among politicians. I doubt any of them are sincere.
  • Many people call themselves Christian because they go to church and that is the extend of their walk with God.
  • Because they know they have to so they will have public approval.
  • Most of the people cited only claim Christian faith because it's almost impossible to get elected to major office in this country if you don't. +4 Nick
  • Didn't you get the memo? Christianity isn't actually being a Christian, it's about pretending to be one.
  • reason being is as the apostle paul exclaimed about the jews of his time. he spoke of them in this manner: "for i bear them witness that they have a zeal for God; but not according to accurate knowledge; (scriptural knowledge)for, because of not knowing the righteousness of God but seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of God." so it was that the jews felt very strongly about their faith, however they did not have the accurate knowledge to be approved by God in how they wanted to worship him. they thought that they could worship him in their own way. many people also have the same philosophy today. what is worst their own false religous leaders (whether they are priests, ministers, pastors, and so forth)have led them astray telling their flocks that it doesn't matter what religion they are part of. most are lending an ear to this counsel and what is sad is that one day they will realize, one day when is too late, that they had been lied to.
  • Because they believe the christian teachings. I, personally believe the "christian" ways but do not call myself christian because it is to mean Christ-like and I fall way short of that title.. however, I think the biggest problem is not those who call themselves christian to symbolise their belief but others who expect them not to do wrong or sin just beacause they call themselves christian. No one is perfect folks.. no matter what title.. religion or other stuff you fall into. You can love God and want to live for Him but that does not mean you will not be a jerk sometimes.. lie.. etc. You hopefully (me too) will work harder to live for Him than do these things but those who expect us (people of faith) to just lead by perfect example.. etc.. we are all struggling and falter sometimes so stop setting expectations that you, yourself could not reach. Religion is also a $$$ tool. Man created "religion" to seperate different beliefs and just like anything else we control .. it is corrupt. That is life here. One religion over another.. does not matter. God has nothing to do with religion. "Christians" may believe this or that and Pentecostal may believe something else.. man seperates from each other.. God loves us all.
  • The unfortunate acceptance of Cafeteria Christianity in popular culture. The term "Cafeteria Christians" refers to people who view Christianity like a cafeteria where one picks and chooses only those beliefs that appeal to them and reject a genuine interpretation of Christian doctrine and the teachings of Jesus. With love in Christ.
    • Chicagoan
      "where one picks and chooses only those beliefs that appeal to them" you just described every single Bible-follower on the planet, without even one single exception.

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