• If it is outside of you, ignore it. If it is inside of you, think about all of the good things in life, like family, friends, laughing, books, music, movies, whatever you enjoy. Sometimes helps to think about a memory of when you were really happy with friends/family.
  • go live in a whole in the ground, drop your computer off somewhere and never watch tv again. lol seriously though there are negative things everywhre, you cant really "get rid of them" you just sort of have to live with negativeness and avoid it as much as possible. +3 but im sure cutting back on tv news would probably help lol :)
  • Try and only 'allow' yourself to think negatively for 10mins a day...then if it keeps cropping up just push it out or visually kick it's butt goodbye and practice replacing it with happy positivity...
  • With a liberal injection of positivity. Trite - but true.
  • Override it with positivity.

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