• The only stairs that I have are the pull down ones to the attic. I never go up there..don't trust them so I let the kids go up there when needed.
  • Before we moved to our house, we lived in a small Flat (Apartment) and had to negotiate three flights of stairs with buggy's (2 small children at the time) grocery shopping day was a nightmare. But now, the only time i need to use them is to get changed, have a shower and put the kids to bed, once thats all done i barely go up there as we now even have a downstairs toilet. When i think back to the old days of that apartment the stairs i have ain't' so bad! :)
  • We plan our trips so multiple purposes are in mind when we use them.
  • I have stairs in the house..yes..I don't mind going up and down as its not so often and it keeps you fit..but what can be annoying is when you don't have much time and your in a hurry and forget things..everything you need seems to be upstairs just after you came down!! LOL
  • I do not mind walking up and down the stairs. It is good exercise.
  • Why?? When I'm having a sleep in (well earned)do you think I should run up and down to get my own cups of tea, the newspaper, some toast, the mail. Remember young lady (they say, having a loving cuddle is like running up three flights of stairs) I'm keeping you fit and healthy.
  • No but I wish we did. It is wonderful exercise. Many years ago I had a two-story home (before Jim and I met) and I went up and down those stairs countless times each day and was happy to do so. People spend big bucks for Stairmasters or health club memberships. Happy Friday KS! :) ((hugs)) Jim and I always park as far away from entrances as we can and we always use stairs rather than escalators or elevators when we can. Ya gotta grab your exercise whenever/wherever! :)
  • We have one step that goes out the backdoor.
  • we do and no purposely i dont lol i put it off our loo is upstairs and i put it off as long as poss lol
  • We have a spiral staircase. I go up and down as I need.
  • I wish I could figure out a way to cut down on the number of trips I make.
  • I have stairs but I'm fit and healthy so don't worry about going up and down more often. Except this week, I've hurt my knee so I'm only going up when I really have to, and doing other things upstairs at the same time.
  • Actually going up and down the stairs is pretty good exercise. I make many trips.
  • I do have steps and I try to look around my bedroom before going downstairs to see if there are items I will need later. I take down as much as I feel I need but my bathroom is upstairs so I always have to go in that direction when necessary. My previous house had an upstairs bathroom with toilet and shower and a downstairs toilet also with wash basin - which I miss.
  • we have 14 steps..... i use them as a form of exercise ....i run up them{ i naturally hang on to be safe} and i dont ever try not to use them,......helps keep ya fit
  • My home is located on the third floor of the building. I have to climb about 35 steps in order to reach my home. I don't do anything to minimize climbing the stairs since it is unavoidable.
  • No. I live in a one-floor condo However, when I lived in a house with stairs, I didn't need to keep running up and down, because certain activities normally took place ONLY on one floor or another.
  • Yup, I have stairs leading to the family cinema. Going up and down the stairs is a workout.

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