• The reasons are prison overcrowding, to save money,or to make room for more offenders.
  • The jails are overcrowded is usually the main reason. I saw on TV where they were arresting people and took them to jail and then didn't even lock them up because there was no room. It is also financial. It takes about $200 a day to keep a prisoner in prison plus heath care cost (if they have a chronic condition then that adds up), education, etc.
  • Budget cuts.
  • i agree with therapist that jails are expensive. i calculate that the national daily average cost for a jail inmate is more like $100 a day with california leading the race at $145+ a day each! we keep 2 million people in jails (0.66% of our population). that's more than any other country. jails cost our economy nearly $100 billion a year!!! i suggest that violent illegal aliens be shipped to their country of origin. that would save california alone $8 billion a year!!! in virginia, we have an 85% rule. there is little uniformity or justice in our local sentencing procedures. 75% of crimes were committed either to get or have drugs or alcohol or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. another 50% have a serious mental illness. we used to keep people with psychiatric disorders in hospitals or treat them. but, now that it's so expensive, we throw them in jail, it's cheaper than treatment afterall. in my opinion, a sentence ought to be a sentence. no changes. i think that an awful lot of people are in prisons today who ought to be in hospitals. i also think that everybody ought to have at least 10 years of parole after prison, so that we can make sure that former prisoners have a chain that can be pulled, if needed. we also must re-integrate prisoners into society so that they're located in places other than where their old gang operates, have tattoos removed, give jobs helping society rather than welfare. . i'm sorry, my thoughts about prison reform have led me to ramble a bit. i apologize. simply, jail sentences are cut in half for 2 reasons - (1) $, and (2) holding 10 years of a 20 year sentence over a prisoner's head controls bad behavior in prison.
  • A lack of resolve on the part of the polity who aren't wild about building jails and the legal system that isn't that worried about keeping prisoners in jail in the first place.

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