• If you are in good standing with your credit card by at least paying something that is owed (especially if you are not using it), you should not be able to be sued. However, even if you cant' pay all the bill and you still have to use the credit card and you need time to be able to pay the money, you shouldn't be able to be sued. Many people keep a balance on their cards from month to month.
  • You won't get sued, but you will ruin your credit. And eventually the card company can close the card. At which point all the money is due. Then, they can sue you. My fiancee had this happen to him. And even after we sent them death certificates I'm still getting calls and letters telling him to pay up.
  • Being sued would not be the problem, suspension of your credit card priveleges would take place, until the balance is zero or an amount approved by the credit card company. Paying less than the minimum amount required, will also effect your crediting rating as a slow payer.
  • This is not an answer, but just wanted to add that we already don't use our card and our credit is already shot. My only concern is if they can take legal action against us for not paying the minimum. Thanks for all the answers so far!

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