• No, it's not true at all. Not only is the speed of sound nowhere NEAR the speed to takes to make relativistic mechanics applicable, but nothing about traveling at the speed of light even would somehow cause your body to live longer. Any weird relativistic effects would cause you to travel into the future relative to the object you're accelerating in relation to. I won't even get into the vector nature of acceleration, noting that you're moving in parallel with the Earth's surface... that's adds some weird twists, also. But I will ask? How much longer does a stopwatch on the ground claim it took you to get to your destination vs. the stopwatch you brought with you on the plane? A very small fraction of a second? Then that's how far into the future you traveled... and I guess technically, relative to the rest of the world, you'll die that much later. But it's not a year.
  • their were some people who tested the time clock situation in airplanes, and the final conclusion was if someone continued on that path for the rest of their life (like a flight stuerdess or pilot) they would extend their life like 5 minutes from the vantage point of dying of old age. so it is not even close to a year or even a day.+3

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