• Yes As a matter of fact, in theory, any computer that is on, and plugged in to a network is hackable. However: While it can be done, hacking a computer remotely ranges anywhere from fairly easy, to ungodly difficult depending on a large number of factors, especially the software it is using, the way it connects to the internet, and whether or not it is firewalled...and how well if it is. shaggy
  • While I understand the simplicity of the answers seen here, it's important to understand that you can have a number of iron-clad measures in place - software, hardware, etc. But if I can convince you to open an attachment in an e-mail, or install a program (from the Internet or elsewhere) with malicious intent - you're hosed. Safety isn't just about fixes like firewalls and Windows patches, it's about policy and a solid understanding of all the risks. Analogy: You could have the best house alarm on the planet, but if your kids turn it off to let their friends sneak in during the night - the alarm is moot.
  • Short answer, if somebody wants to badly enough, yes. You should be worried about crackers, not hackers. A hacker is more likely to simply make you aware of your vulnerabilities in a benign fashion whereas a cracker would tell all his friends he found a new machine to be their DDOS zombie. Computer security is more or less directly proportionate to usability. Example: If you take your hard drive to the bank and put it in a safety deposit box, some majorly bad stuff would need to happen to lose your data. But do you REALLY want to take your laptop to the bank and plug it into the hard drive to retrieve a file every time?!? Example2: You can encrypt every file on your system with 2048 bit encryption or something crazy like that, but who really wants to type a password every time they open or launch a file/program? I've managed pretty well by backing up frequently the stuff I care about and not caring about the rest of the data on my systems and, of course, knowing a little about what I'm doing :-) Seriously, just use common sense, be careful, and don't continue blundering about blindly if you don't understand something. Look it up or ask for help from a reliable source.
  • It's not just your computer that's unsafe but your cellular phone, your PDA, some home alarm systems, some internet based video game systems (such as xbox live), it's a whole world out there.
  • Yes any computer can be cracked. but as stated hackers are the good guys 0: : :0: 0: :
  • Every Computer is technically hackable regardless of its connection to the internet. Anyone who can access a computer can hack it by just using it without authorisation. Example: If i went downstairs to my brothers computer which is left on and download his msn contact list i would have technically hacked his computer. But, for your computer to be hacked remotely obviously the stakes are much higher as the task is much more difficult. Firewalls, Active Virus protection has to be manouvered in between. Example: I would have to find an open port (possibly one being used by another program, if a firewall was present) then i have to send a trojan of some sort to your computer so that i can gain access and without a large knowledge and computer programming ability there would be no way to bypass the virus protection but say i had made my own trojan. I could then get access to your computer. Best tips to protect your computer. 1.) Whenever not on your computer press the windows flag and "L" before leaving. 2.) Make sure all passwords are not words and are at least 5+ characters. 3.) Keep Firewalls and Virus protection. Read your alerts don't just accept it every time because one time it will be a trojan. 4.) Don't give out any sensitive information online without the prefix "https" in the address bar. 5.) Lastly, Don't do anything stupid and follow all the instructions your given by trustworthy sources.
  • no computer is invincible... it its connected to a network.... there is a way to break into it.
  • To sum all previous answers: if somebody want you badly, they will get you! best way not to be hacked is shred you computer and use pensil, paper and calculator.
  • YEP Believe it or not... everything is exploitable. Everything has some hole. No matter how well you think your security is beefed up. In my experience... now a days there... are no such thing as assured security. Exploits are being released each and everyday, and being SOLD on the black coding scene market You would be surprised, what goes in the under ground scene Best security i think is common sence. Like kevin mitnick once stated. Are biggest flaw is the employees naive tendencies, rather than technical aspect. Everything can be exploited. The dangerous part's about the not while you're connected, but where you go... what you find, or who tries to contact you.
  • Yes, for that reason I store ALL sensitive infomation, like financial information, on an external hard drive that is ONLY plugged into my computer when I am using that data.

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