• No, unhappiness is part of life, they should be taught how to deal with it.
  • It would be a good idea to raise children with positive experiences,though they might not get the same experiences outside the family.At least constant nurturing and happiness within the home could deflect the negativity they could receive from others.
  • No. The Chinese know it man, Yin Yang.
  • No, they should be put out into the world and learn how to deal with all situations and emotions. That is how they will become productive adults.
  • That's a really bad idea. I was sheltered from unhappiness, and I wound up having a really hard time coping with adult world.
  • You cannot always shelter them from unhappy situations, but it's important to try to be sure that they have as many positive experiences as possible. The positive experiences prepare them for negative ones later on, contrary to what some believe.
  • Have you ever seen what happens to children who went to Waldorf schools when they get older?
  • No, they will grow up stunted emotionally if you do that. Let children know from the start what life really is, and they will grow up well adjusted and surprisingly quite happy.
  • No, I think sheltering children is a bad idea all around. It deprives them of the opportunity to develop the skills all adults should have.

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