• Drink something warm. Take a hot shower. Move around. Put more clothes on. Hold/hug someone.
  • I had that problem when I lived with my parents. I started taking my blow dryer and putting it under the blanket almost every night. It's heavenly =]
  • Get in a nice hot bath with a hot cup of your favorite beverage. Always works for me.
  • i sleep under multiple layers of sheets. the cats must also feel the sudden coldness, as three of them slept on top of me last night. the one wanted under the covers. so, multiple layers, pets, socks, hat, couple layers of clothes. i especially liked the idea of the hair blower as long as you don't fall asleep while its blowing air. i bought a space heater last winter for $39 that probably saved $300 in heating bills last winter.
  • Put on a hat and under armor you will toasty in minutes.
  • right now you're pretty much screwed ... but go get an old fashioned water bottle (a few bucks at the pharmacy or walmart) ... heat up some water (to the point of boiling, but not beyond) and fill it up ... slide it under the blankets with you and it will keep you very warm through the entire night
  • wear two layers of clothes, and a knit hat. The warmest way to sleep is to curl into a ball completely beneathe the covers at the bottom end of the bed (so that the top of the covers are well above your head.) Tuck the bottom of the covers underneath you. This will contain your body heat very well. Good luck dude +4
  • Here is one: THAT will heat up ANY bed, big time! +5
  • If all else fails, do this: Get into bed and pull the covers up over your head. The heat, exited through your mouth, will warm the temperature up in a hurry with you under the covers. It will only take about a minute so be patient.
  • Throw some towels into the dryer. Then throw them under the covers and jump in.
  • Sleep in a sauna suit. That will keep you warm until you pay the utility bill.
  • maybe you should get an electric blanket

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