• 35 years and no regrets
  • I think marriage is right my parents were together for 58 years and had 8 great children that is what marriage is about and that also was love to the end .
  • Each to his own. I personally don't see the appeal.
  • I dont think you need to get married to stay together, after my marriage my wife changed into someone I would throw from a moving vehicle, overnight. its up to you...beware the change. i got chils just thinking about it
  • it's not for everyone, but it can be really good for some:)
  • My parents have been married over 50 years, 9 kids and have gone through everything together, and are still romantic and happy. . Marriage is the way to go when there is love, respect, commitment, devotion, with common interests and goals; and two people who truly know each other. . It might be nice if there was not abuse, drugs, alcohol abuse, out-of-control anger, cheating, mental problems, criminal activity, etc. +5
  • I think that marriage is a personal choice for each individual but it's not for me.
  • Ten years married and still in love like teenagers. +3
  • It's not for everyone, some people should get married and others should avoid it like the plague.
  • Marriage is a legal agreement. If a couple is going to start a family, being married is helpful.
  • Somewhat beneficial, but only from a legal standpoint. Married people get more tax breaks and various other considerations than single folks do. I don't see the reasoning myself. But then, after being put through the wringers twice by two different exes whose favorite pasttime turned out to be infidelity, deceitfulness and greed, I'll never get married again.
  • I dunno.....To each their own...i like being married
  • its a social compulsion in Indian culture.... personally, its the only relation whose importance grows with time ...
  • I approve of marriage, but been there and wouldn't enter into it again lightly...
  • The riskiest move of your life!
  • Treat it like a life or death decision, not to be taken lightly.
  • It is a beautiful institution that is being bastardized and destroyed by today's culture.
  • Couples would be well advised to approach marriage as a legal contract and seek whatever counsel one might normally obtain regarding the stipulations of said contract, rather than treating marriage as a religious or simple civil ceremony. Unfortunately, the reality of this is not readily apparent until one or both parties attempt to break said contract and discovers it's much easier SIGNING the contract than it is BREAKING it. (Only a fool becomes involved in a legal partnership without reading the fine print.)
  • Marriage should be a beautiful thing between to people that love each other and are both willing to make sacrifices in order to be with each other till the end. I personally would love that kind of marriage that lasts, where the bumps in the road, arguements and what not, are learning experiences that will bring us closer. I'm a hopeless romantic sometimes :-)
  • There is much happiness to be found in a marriage where both are really sharing everything with each other.
  • people who are not willing to sacrifice for that piece of paper should just cohabitate... personaly I believe in marraiage.
  • I think it depends on the person. It really is just a peice of paper and some tax breaks. People do it for the wrong reasons a lot of the time. It doesnt prove anything. It wont prove this person wont leave you, cheat on you, lie to you, beat you...whatever the case may be. I think people all too often get married bc they are scared the relationship will end if they dont, or that it somehow validates the union. This to me is rediculous. If you choose to commit your life to someone and you vow to love them, cherish them til death do you shouldnt need a peice of paper to make it concrete. I'm not saying it is all a bad thing, I'm just saying people do it for the wrong reasons.... and society endorses those 'fears' that push people into unhappy marriages. thats just my opinion! ;)
  • My promise of love is to my future husband, not God, and not the government.
  • Marriage is a great institution.....and those who get married should be institutionalized. Preferably in a place with padded walls and heavy iron bars. Not really - Marriage is a great thing - if you don't take your responsibilities too lightly and you hold your vows dear.

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