• Do that on vacation all the time. Travelled through Texas and New Mexico staying somewhere different every night. Did the same in Southern England and last year in Ireland. Probably wont get a holiday this year though.
  • Three days at Gatwick airport in London.
  • yes airport's are nod good places to wink-off
  • Once. Unintentionally. I ended up sleeping in JFK (in New York) as my flight was delayed for 27 hours. Yeah, they didn't offer anything but a thin blanket and a breakfast voucher. STAY AWAY FROM JFK!!!
  • Yes. :(
  • Once ... they cancelled our flight from Atlanta back home. We were not pleased.
  • Yes, it was a self imposed overnight layover. When we were traveling back and forth from CT to time there was a snow "storm" (about two inches) and the road was so backed up with traffic that we sat in one spot about half way there for two hours. At that point we decided it would be easier to go stay at a hotel for the night. Turned out to be a good idea because the snow was melted by the morning and we were rested and ready to continue the trip.
  • Yes, but we planned it that way. When we were looking up flight plans for our honeymoon, we laughed at one that said the embarking flight would be: Miami -> Puerto Rico -> Bonaire. and the return flight Bonaire -> Puerto Rico -> CHICAGO -> Miami. Y'know, because Chicago is right on the way. ^_^ We actually took that flight plan. Not because it was cheaper than the flights that made sense (it was the same rate), but because it gave us a 12 hour window to hang out with my hubby's uncle, whom he hadn't seen in a long time and I had never met before. It was a really good time. ^_^
  • All the time, I'm a truck driver.
  • Many times, wish it was longer than overnight. +5
  • Yes. We had an 8 am flight scheduled to come home from our trip to Hawaii and it was cancelled. We ended up wandering and sleeping and eating in the airport until the wee hours of the next morning. Horrible experience.
  • I never had to travel in a job so I would say no. I have been delayed while traveling where I had to spend an overnight without having preplanned it, does that count? Not working though.
  • I have had to stay over night in a hotel for business.

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