• Lately, yes.
  • No, not enough time. :-)
  • I am perfectly happy being a computer nerd.
  • I have my computer constantly running next to me, even if I'm not using it. So, that's a big yes.
  • YES and it is always late at night ,it is 12. 50 a.m here in Australia and here i am still reading questions and answering ,so really it is a big yes
  • Oh Yes....
  • no, because they haven't invented sleeping sites yet. once they do that, all my needs and wants will be met and i'll be spending 24/7 on the computer, oh, food, i forgot that the last couple days. gadz, i love this computer.
  • Oh yeah :-D +5
  • Only when I'm awake. Seriously... I like to use computers, I was first exposed to them at the University of Waterloo back in 1965. I've owned at least one, ever since the first home computers were sold. I currently own at least forty working computers. Although I joined the Canadian Navy as an Electronic Warfare Operator, I was quickly turned into a Computer Technician. I get up in the morning and 'bag a bit before going to work at the Naval Headquarters. At work I sit in front of two computers (one for classified work and one for unclassified) and except for meetings, do most of my work on one or the other. The "low side" computer (unclassified) has internet access, so sometimes I'll do a bit o' AnswerBaggin' o'er the lunch and then back to work. At night I'll come home and relax on my computer with a bit of internet (including a bit of AB) and then maybe watch a Movie or some Telly with my wife. If she can't tear herself away from her Laptop... I'll probably watch something on mine. So maybe it's TOO much, maybe not. Life is good. Hope this helps.
  • Yes, definitely.
  • Lately, yes
  • Yes since I have no life.
  • Guilty as charged. +4
  • Yes. +5
  • I just typed this ... this morning! Blinking, the icon waited for just a short entry. Any entry, 'it' didn't care. Now, I was aware I had been staring stupidly at that hypnotic pulse, just realizing then what had been bothering me for a very long time. In this, our advancing age of connection, we have lost contact. Calls are now fewer. Little, if any, comes our way of a personalized note or card, stamped just for the happy receiver. (Oh that feeling of opening, wondering what ...) Like a polished newscast, our words have become a virtual sound-bites on an artificially lit page, a morsel to be sure but certainly not a mouthful. So much for the savoring of ideas or the verbal debate that encourages communities of individuals to gather, speak, share and learn. We all believe we like being global; oh so many 'pals.' But are we really? It is said that Ashton Kuchner has a million Facebook pals. Truth is, neither knows the other. Are we a society now lost in digital translation between dots and zeros, programs within programs within machines? Aching for a hand written word, the delight of an letter in a mailbox addressed to us alone ... wait ... the phone is ringing, there's a knock at the door ... I now shut the face-less computer down.

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