• cause its hard and complicated... we kids kinda stay away from hard and complicated things that make our heads spin round...
  • Actually, there are way more math and physics majors than usual.. at least at my school.. English has always been the #1 major, that isn't a new thing.
  • Most likely because they discover early that the background they received in high school was weak.
  • People I know who want to work with math don't just want to work with math. They like math and science. They are our engineers in this country. Math college majors usually end up teaching and there is not much incentive for people with mathematical skills to go into teaching. They really do their math and it just doesn't pay! Now, if you pay math teachers what you pay engineers, you would see many go for it.
  • Because math is tedious at best, but I didn't, so I guess that makes me crazy. :P
  • they think life should be like a beer commercial
  • Numbers and their manipulation are a work of art. I was afraid of math. I got into college and took everything that I could except math. Then the day was time...there was nothing left to allow another escape. So, into the math department I went. I fell in love with it. Nothing but A's. It was easy when I learned that I was afraid of failure, not math.
  • It is a dry science with no substance, when it comes down to it, who cares about math, when a computer can do all the necessary calculations for engineers etc etc
  • Math is never really popular and the US lower education is really, really bad, too.

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