• Well, considering that Genghis or Attila could just sit on Napoleon and he would be down for the count... *shrug* I always liked Genghis Khan after I saw Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure.
  • Ghengis Khan would have won easily, he was ruthless and would have swept across Europe, but stopped at Austria. Not bad for a man who was from an unfashionable part of the world, he conquered China, the world power of the day and lay waste all before him, he and Alexander the Great were two formidable generals
  • Bah, Attila or Ghengis would kick Alexander or Napoleon's azzes... too much quickness & mobility.
  • I think Napoleon Because Napoleon Was in the 1700's and had cannons,gunpowder,Old fashion guns. But if Napoleon was in 1050's and 1100's Genghis Would slaughter Both of them at once.
  • Ghengis if it was a even match but if you ask me the Three Kingdoms of China were untouchable
  • Genghis Khan because he had me scared while watching Star Trek.
    • Anoname
      That was a different Khan, but I agree.
  • It would depend on the situation, the battlefield, for I believe one or the other might outdo one of the others in a particular terrain or with certain military advantages that weren't available at certain times.
  • In a one on one they were all great generals but only attila was truly a great, and some say, unbeatable warrior. Ghengis strted off as a warrior but gave it up to be more behind the battles. And Napolean would have been the weakest of the three, but why not a match between to true warriors that beleived they were invincible ( attila vs Alexander )?
  • The great Temujin for sure. Genghis Khan had a nasty reputation that preceded him, as did his son Oegedei Khan...either of them would have been more than a match for Attila, and (assuming technological equivalency) Napoleon as well. The Mongols simply moved faster and were less dependent on supply lines, and, as Mongol conquests of Eastern Europe compared to the French attempts in Russia show, were far better winter warriors.
  • Smallpox and dysentery would win, as neither were inoculated

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