• It would depend on how they treated their relationship with regard to me. If they won't let me go with them or were secretive about seeing each other, I'd probably be bothered. I still have contact with my ex-wife. She's my friend on facebook and myspace. My wife knows. I let her read any messages we send each other. Complete transparency. I think that's key. (That and my ex lives like 1,400 miles away)
  • Probably not a good idea to go out with an other man. It is just inviting trouble.
  • The strength of a healthy relationship is based on a foundation of honesty and trust with yourself and with your partner. A relationship or marriage without trust will eventually lead to difficulties, compromise, resentment and deceit.
  • No. I do not think a married person male or female should have close friends of the opposite sex. While the married person may have a completly platonic interest the other person probably not. And if troubles raise in life you should lean on your spouse as it will strenghen your marriage.
  • Only if those male friends were close friends of hers far before the marriage. If she grew up with them, for example, then I don't think it would be inappropriate for her to go out with them. Look, either your wife is gonna fuck around behind your back or she's not, but whether ot not you 'allow' her to go out is not gonna determine whether she cheats or not.
  • Of course she should! Most of my life my closest friendships have been with men. Even through my twenty-five plus year marriage. I find I have more in common with most men than women and I let my husband to be know that before we were married. Men who think married women shouldn't have male friends are I think mostly weak willed themselves. Would them having close female friends lead to cheating? Shame on you and your dirty mind! And women who don't think so...well I think they suffer from weak wills and dirty minds as well.
  • It wouldn't bother me,Meghan and I are so closely bonded that there is no jealousy. +3
  • It depends upon her husband, but saying turth I will never ever give permission to my wife to keep male friends.
  • Yes, they should have trust in each other. I would have no problem with it.
  • I'm a woman and I'm not married, but I do have very close male friends that I can't imagine pulling away from when I do get involved in a relationship. You have to trust your partner. Also, since I haven't slept with any of my friends since I've known them (6+ years), I don't see why I would once I have a boyfriend or husband....
  • I would want my own checking account.
  • It wouldn't bother me. I'd be comfortable enough with my relationship to not have a problem with it. Plus, my wife is (will be) an individual too, she has her own life and I don't own her or dictate her actions and choices.
  • I would probably feel uncomfortable with it.
  • I've lost a friend due to this situation. I've been friends with her for years, and nothing has ever happened, nor would I want it to. He doesn't speak fluent english, and so we can't really converse well. I think that if he really got to know me, he'd see that my intentions are strictly platonic, he has nothing to worry about. I do think that some situations are "family-related", but you cannot have a "friendship requirement" that excludes the opposite sex. I think this sets up the possibility of "trust issues".
  • Many men aren't so worried about their wives cheating as they are that she will think her friend, is smarter, funnier, etc. Also men, often times cannot see how another male would not be romanticaly interested in his spouse, after all they obviously find her very appealing and assume the rest of the world does.
  • im a girl and engaged i have had male friends but they are always friends with us fiance has female friends and works with a lot of girls. im ok with that 98% of the time there has been the 1 girl he worked with where i got very insecuere about the way he talked about her and described her she was a versian of me but in my head she was prettier and nicer and more fun! so i did get jelous and altho ive now met her and shes nothing like she was in my head im ok, but i wouldnt like them spending to much time together alone still! coz i still have my moments!
  • Yes they should have male friends lady has quite a few close male friends and they go out to clubs and functions I have am 100% at ease with this ..always have been ..always will be
  • Just depends on your should be ok for either to have same sex friends...if you know your partner well there shouldnt be any issues...if your partner is a bit over flirtatious and doesn't treat you right then I would say they are keeping their options open...but if you have a cool relationship then I can't see what damage it would do...
  • who gives a shit really. its no big deal. girls have guy friends, guys have girls friends. if you a giant douche about it, it WILL drive her away and make her cheat. sooo many millions upon millions of people out there. you would have to be a total brain dead dumb fuck to think your wife wouldnt like any guys other then yourself.
  • i would not care

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